Chup Raho Review of Episode 20

| January 15, 2015

Chup Raho-Episode 20

In the previous review I told you that Ramin was talking with Warden & Zarina was listening their talks because she was standing behind the door. At first when Zarina came to know about the strong faith of Ramin on “Allaha” then it seemed as she will change herself but when she listen that Ramin is saying to the Warden that “Zarina is not a god girl so you should throw her out from this Hostel” but the warden said “I cannot do this” then Ramin also agreed with the point of view of the warden.

Zarina only listen the half part of their talks in which Ramin shows her hatred for Zarina. So, Zarina once again think to take revenge from Ramin by selling Ramin into “Bazaar”. Zarina once again successes in order trap to Ramin & she develops the faith of Ramin on herself.

She said to Ramin “tu phir chalo gi mery sath adhi raat ko factory”. Zarina further said to Ramin “this time you will never tell about this plan to anyone because it is your test whether you believes on me or not”. Ramin agree on Zarina’s plan & wear the same clothes that Zarina gave to her.

Now Zarina takes Ramin with herself & both sit in a car (according to Zarina that car actually come from factory so that it can take them to the factory). Zarina, finally, expose her plan on Ramin. Now Ramin is in search of a chance so that she can run away. When, the car stops near a shop then Ramin run away by opening the door of the car. She run & reaches in a building (this building is under contrition).

Here she meets with Yasir Nawaz. Do you remember the friend of Numair who left Numair only because of his bad deeds & harassment activities? Yes he is the man who saves Ramin from the man who chasing her. He takes Ramin at his home. Ramin was not ready to go with him at late night but he takes her forcefully. He said to Ramin you can sleep into the lounge. He considered her a bad girl.

Azar’s sister fights with the Numair because according to her it is only Numair who is responsible for such a bad condition of her brother. On the other hand Azar decided to commit suicide. He thinks about his past life with Ramin & press the trigger of the revolver. No further scenes are shown about Azar. I think he has died. Tell me your opinion whether Azar’s character deserve this ending or not?

We further find out about the character of Yasir that may be he is person whose wife has already died or he is a divorced person who finds it quite difficult to deal with his three daughters.  On the request of Ramin he is going to drop her on Station so that she can go “Rawalpindi”. At the same time Ramin meets with his three daughters. All are really very & cute & becomes frank wit Ramin.

When Ramin try to love a little girl then Yasir Nawaz stop to Ramin by saying that “never touch to my daughters”. I think he is considering her a bad girl that’s why he stops Ramin from touching his daughters. This is the point where this episode ends. Let see whether Ramin will stay at Yasir’s home or go away to “Rawalpindi”?

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