Chup Raho Review of Episode 21

| January 22, 2015

Chup Raho ARY Drama Episode 21: New Twist in the Story

Ramin is seemed quite relaxed in Yasir’s home. She is playing with kids, she is preparing food for kids, she is cleaning home & she is helping the little girls into their school & home work. In short words, she now finds out a better place to live as compared from the previous ones. This episode starts from the scene when Ramin was going on the station so that she can go back Rawalpindi on the home of her relatives.

But the three little girls of Yasir insist her to stop with them at their home. So, Yasir allow her to stop at the home. Ramin was playing with the girls in the lawn, at the same time the little go outside from the home in search of football. Ramin follow her & saves her form a car accident but in this regard Ramin got an injury on her own foot. Yasir takes her to Hospital.

Yasir come to know that Ramin has no place to live when Ramin was asking about a room or place to live in hospital from the nurse. Yasir offers her to come with him at his home. I cannot understand how a person can allow another strange person to leave at his/her home. I think Yasir have the options to leave Ramin at some hostel, in a shelter or in a Dar-ul-Imaan.

So, Ramin go at his home & starts to live in a servant quarter. That’s the time when she works for little girls & prepares breakfast for them. Yasir hire her as governance for his little girls. She helps them in order to wear uniform, helps in their school work as well as cleans the home. When she cleans the room of Yasir then he becomes very aggressive on this act of Ramin & said to Ramin “Why you are doing all this?

Do you want to trap me?” On this Ramin replies “I am not such sort of girl I am already married & I love to my husband a lot”. This makes Yasir embarrassed. At the start Yasir have some insecurity about Ramin but with the passage of time, his confidence is edifying on her.

Now, Ramin is living on his home & working as governance. The three little girls are performing well as Yasir’s daughters. In this episode we also come to know that Yasir’s wife has died & Yasir consider himself responsible for his wife’s death. Little girls are very much attached with Ramin. I think Ramin’s story will surely be end up by marrying this married Man & father of three daughters. Let see what will happen? This episode was all about Ramin, Yasir & three little girls.

No scenes are shown about Numair, Manal & their daughter. Azar is already out from the drama because he has committed a suicide. Ramin’s discussion with Yasir when she told him about her marriage reveals that she still loves Azar but she is unaware from his death. This has been taken totally a new turn. Let’s what will be the end?

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