Chup Raho Review of Episode 22

| January 28, 2015

Review of Chup Raho-22

Once again this episode has a slow pace. Nothing special is happen in this episode. Ramin is continuously living into the house of Shiraz. She is taking care of his kids. She is helping the elder daughter of Shiraz (Saein Jee) in home work & studies. Consequently she passes her exams with good marks & also wins the award of best student of the class due to her good behavior. This is really a very shocking new for Shiraz. We also find out she is an angry girl because she always shows her anger for her father. According to this girl, her father never loves her.

So, when Shiraz said to his daughter “let’s go for an outing” then she refuses to go with him. But Ramin said to Shiraz we should take her at her favorite place then she will be happy. Shiraz thinks about the places where they usually go with their mother then he told Ramin about a place but according to Shiraz that place is not so good but Ramin said “I think we should go there because you daughter will like this place”. Then they all go there & enjoy a great meal.

In the same place Ramin met with Zarina. Zarina once again try to trap Ramin. Zarina also gives mobile to Ramin & said to her “contact me”. All this happen when Sila (Shiraz’s Daughter) said that “I want to go into the washroom” & Ramin said “I will take her”.

When Ramin contact with Zarina on mobile then Zarina threats her by saying “if you never fulfill my orders then I will be very bad for the little girls”. Ramin afraid a lot & try to sleep with the girls into their room & she also keep a gun with herself so that she can guard the little girls. When Ramin was taking gun with herself then at the same a servant view all this & told to Shiraz. Shiraz becomes worried on this situation & immediately goes into the room of kids & said to Ramin “I think my kids can sleep with me into my room”. Then he takes his kids with himself. In the early morning when Ramin is preparing breakfast for kids & giving them lots of advices such a not go outside from school etc then Shiraz becomes very suspicious about Ramin.

That’s why he sends his kids to his mother’s home instead of school. On the other hand Zarina once again calls to Ramin & threats her but fortunately Shiraz listen all the talks of Zarina & saves Ramin by calling police. Police take Zarina & her companions to police station. Ramin is very much impressed from the sudden & immediate action of Shiraz that he takes against the Zarina & her companions. She came to know that Shiraz belongs from a very elite class.

Once again Ramin makes a very strong place into this home. Shiraz’s mother also comes there because “she is worried “why Shiraz sends all the kids at her home instead of school”. Now Shiraz’s mother is also living in this home. She is seemed quite impressed from the Ramin. I think Ramin’s character will end up by marring with Shiraz.

Both Manal & Numair are still totally out of the scenes. I think most of the views want to see an end of the Numair’s character because he is the person who ruins the life of Ramin & he is the person who is deceiving his wife. Manal also trust on him blindly. But now both Numair & Manal seemed as they both vanished in the air. The preview of the next episode tells us that there are still no chances of Numair & Manal scenes. Let’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes!

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