Chup Raho Review of Episode 24

| February 11, 2015

Review of Chup Raho-Episode 24

Finally, Numair & Manal come back into the drama (I think they come back after enjoying their vacation). First of all, the mother of Shiraz makes a full plan on how she can agree her son & Ramin for marriage.  She includes the little three girls into her plan. Then she talks with her son. For Shiraz & Ramin, the talks of Maa Jee are totally very shocking. Finally, Ramin told to Maa Jee that she is already a married girl. After knowing this fact, now Maa Jee said to Shiraz that “you should find her husband & let her to go back home”.

Ramin is not agree to go back at home but when Maa Jee insists then she packs her bag & try to go back but at the last moment she refuse to go back & said to Shiraz that “I want to stay in this home for ever”. After this drama, now Ramin is finally living in this home. Both, Shiraz & Maa Jee decided that Ramin should take divorce from her husband & for this purpose she has to visit the home of her sister at least once so that she can get information about her husband. When Ramin was going with Shiraz then in her discussion with Shiraz she reveals that she is the sister-in-law of Numair. The name of Numair suddenly clicks into the mind of Shiraz. Shiraz knows Numair very well. He tries to encourage Ramin & at the same time Shiraz propose to Ramin. Unexpectedly, Ramin say yes for it.

Then, he takes Ramin at Numair’s home where Numair comes out as a totally changed personality. He begged before Ramin & he say sorry to Ramin. I cannot understand one point that is after facing all such bad happenings Ramin never learns anything from these incidents. She still allows Numair to touch her hands. What about Numair? I must say Numair can you please talk with Ramin without touching her?

Ramin cannot bear the talks of Numair so she said to Shiraz “can you please take me home”. When Ramin go back then Numair told to her wife Manal that “Ramin is spotted”. Now you have to go & take her back at home because it is only Ramin who can save our daughter.  So, Manal follow the instruction of her husband (as she always do) & reached at the Shiraz’s home & said to the gate keeper “I want to meet with Ramin” but gate keeper said that “you are not allowed”. Then she calls to Ramin & Ramin come out from the gate & met with her sister Manal in her car. Manal said exactly what Numair said to his wife. Manal succeeded in order to take Ramin at her home. Here this episode ends. Let’s see what will happen into the next episode!

Shiraz’s mother dialogues delivery throughout the episode are not just totally ridiculous. It is true that lots of turns & twists come into the life of Ramin so we can say that her life changed but her personality never changed. She never learns from her past experiences & believes on the other person immediately. I think that Chup Raho is a drama that will brings something exemplary on the screen about those people who harass ladies.

Similarly, viewers are expecting something extraordinary for the women who are being preyed by Numair’s like scavengers. But I think this drama will end up simply & Ramin will marry with Shiraz. Now Manal takes Ramin at her home. So, Ramin will once again repeating the same mistakes. I think Manal will finds out the fact about her husband. Numair will be punished badly (because his daughter is seriously ill due to cancer). Let wait for the next episode & maybe the next episode will become last episode.

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