Chup Raho Review of Episode 27

| March 4, 2015

Second Last Episode-Chup Raho

This is once again a meaningless episode because I don’t know why writer & director are dragging this drama more & more? As the drama is moving towards its climax it seems as Ramin’s character is descending because she is the lady who faces lots of troubles but never learn anything from her experiences. I was expecting that she will become a strong & determined lady but on the contrary she is as stupid & foolish as in the past. Yes its right we should believe on God but we should also try to think rationally. I think the character of Ramin is the central character of this drama but this main protagonist is not setting a good example for those ladies who are usually harassed by the bad men of society. Her character is totally a failure because I think this exemplary character must set an example for victim ladies.

We are viewing that Ramin is continuously living with Numair at his home. I don’t know how a girl can stay with a person who rapes her? Yes Ramin is doing exactly what I said in the previous l.ine. She is living with Numair; she is talking with him, sitting with him & behaving very normally with him.

On the other hand Numair is thinking that the presence of Ramin at his home is good for the health of his daughter. That’s why he is trying his best in order to stop Ramin at his home. He is sending emails to Ramin from the side of Azar. So that he can stop Ramin at his home. This episode very clearly tells us that Numair is doing all this only for the well-being of his daughter Naila. Manal is also upset from the behavior of Numair because Numair is continuously telling lie with Ramin about Azar. Manal, indirectly, try to tell Ramin that Azar will never come because he is near to die but Ramin said I will save him.

When Numair was reading the E-mail that Ramin send to Azar then Manal comes there & saw the expression of Numair’s face & then Manal said to Ramin that “May be Numair is engaged with someone (I mean with other girl)” but Ramin said “no it’s not right”. In the past Manal never ever try to judge the expressions of Numair when he raped with Ramin, when harassed her again & again, when he tells lots of lies with them then now how she is able to judge his expression?

The servant, who works at Shiraz’s home, come at Numair’s home & tries to meet with Ramin. He told to Ramin that the littlest daughter of Shiraz is ill & wants to meet you. So, Ramin go with this servant so that she can meet with the little girl of Shiraz. In this way, Shiraz also met with Ramin & both talk with each other. Ramin said to Shiraz that “I cannot left Azar because he needs me”. Shiraz is OK with the decision of Ramin.

When Numair brings flowers for Ramin & finds out that Ramin is not at home & go away at Shiraz’s home then he starts to shout on Manal by saying “now Ramin will never come back, you should go now & take her back”. At this time I feel that Numair is a psycho person. Due to the bad health of his daughter & what he did in the past all this leads him towards the psychological disorder. When he was talking bitterly with his wife Manal then at the same time Ramin come back & when Numair saw Ramin at his home then cools down.

Ramin, I think you must read this proverb during your studies “God helps those who help themselves” then why you are behaving like this? How you can believe on Numair’s talks that he is saying about Azar? Seriously, I was hoping that Ramin will become a string lady & will left a strong lesson for the victim ladies of this society. She should go police station & try to file a rape case against Numair because I think it’s a crime? Ramin! Do you think it’s a crime? But on the contrary it seems as she will end up by marrying with Shiraz (a prince charming). Let’s see what happened with Numair? It was the second last episode of this drama. Hopefully, the next will be the last episode.

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