Chup Raho-Review of Episode 3

| February 6, 2015

23rd Episode of Chup Raho

I think the drama is moving ahead on a very slow rate. Mostly viewers are sick from viewing Ramin’s existence at Shiraz’s home. They want to view what’s happen with Manal & Numair? What’s happen with Numair’s Daughter? Although the director has shown the suicide scene of Azar yet viewers want an assurance. 23rd Episode of Chup Raho emphasizes on the continuous existence of Ramin into Shiraz’s home. She is taking care of his three little dolls. Ramin is the girl who has won the heart of Shiraz’s mother & that’s why Maa jee want to see Ramin as her “Baho”.

Maa Jee said Shiraz why you keep such a young girl into the servant quarter? Maa Jee said Ramin bring your luggage now & starts to live with us. Maa Jee takes Ramin for shoping some new clothes & then Maa Jee takes her into a beauty parlor for make-over & Hairstyling. But I cannot understand why not Maa Jee dress up Ramin in the same clothes that she bought from the market? I think when Ramin & Maa Jee shoping into the market then Maa Jee bought a black frock for Ramin but When Ramin enters into the parlor & after make-over when she come out  then she appears in a sleeveless shirt. Hmm I guess the parlors are also providing the services of changing frocks into sleeves shirts. Everyone seemed quite impressed after seeing Ramin into such a modish girl look (Saeein Jee also shocked to see her in such a modern look).

When Ramin talks with Maa Jee about “why she gives so much respect to Shiraz?” then this discussion reveals that Ramin respects Shiraz (Saeein Jee) because she considers him as affectionate as her parents were. Maa Jee is also trying to convince Ramin that her Son is not as old as she is considering him. Maa Jee said to Ramin “bs khata ziyada hy tu zara phel gaya hy bs tum sy thora hi bara hy”. It seems as Ramin sees her mother-figure into the mother of Shiraz.

When one of Shiraz’s daughters misbehaves with Ramin then Maa Jee makes a plan in order to teach a lesson to the little dolls that they should respect Ramin like a member of this family & they should never consider her their servant. According to this Plan Ramin hides into one corner of the house, when kids come back from the school then they never finds out Ramin & starts to ask from their grand-mother. The grand-mother told them that Ramin has left this job because she finds out a new job that’s why she has gone. Along with Kids Shiraz also seemed quite tensed & upset from this situation. He is not expecting that Ramin can go such a way. Finally, the plan expelled on all when the litter girl finds out Ramin from the place where she hides herself.

So, this is the review of the 23rd Episode of Chup Raho. Hopefully you will like to read it. For more reviews, you need to stay connected!

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