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| February 28, 2015

Review of Last Episode of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye

Finally, Aplus drama Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye reached on its conclusion on 20th Episode. Due to some reason I cannot write the review of the 19th Episode of this drama. So, today, I am going to summarize both 19 & last episode.  As you all know that Saira is now living at the home of Shafaq & Saqib. Saira is feeling quite guilty on all of her mistakes that she made into the past. The bitter incident that happened with Saira when she was going to marry with Farooq & Farooq deceived her plays a vital role in order to change the thoughts of Saira about wealth & materialistic things which she was eager in the past. But now she is totally changed. Saira say sorry to Shafaq as well as to Saqib. But both Saqib & Shafaq are not ready to forgive Saira.

Shafaq is pregnant but Doctors told to Saqib that this pregnancy can become a cause of Shafaq death soon. That’s why Saqib said to Shafaq for abortion but Shafaq said that “it is a fact that sooner or later I have to go from this world so let me fulfill my wish”. She refuses from abortion. Now Shafaq is trying to tease & taunt Saira again & again because it is only Saira who try to ruin the life of Shafaq by interfering in her life. Saira is feeling really very ashamed on her behavior that she had with Saqib & Shafaq.

Saira calls her sister who is living in Dubai & told her each & everything that happened with her. She tells her about Farooq & his plan. Saira’s sister said to Saira “don’t worry I will do something soon”.

Shafaq’s mother is trying to console Saira by providing her emotional support. She is really a very gentle not towards Shafaq & Saqib but also towards Saira. She know very well that Shafaq (her daughter) will leave her sooner or later due to brain tumor plus she also knows that Saira has changed a lot & she thinks that Saqib is like a son for her. She wants the happiness of her son, her daughter Shafaq as well as Saira whom she also considers her daughter. She want that Saira should marry with Saqib after the death of Shafaq.

In last episodes we find out that Shafaq gave birth a little doll whom she gives name “Saba”. After giving birth to the little doll, Shafaq left this world & go far away from all of her near & dears. Yes she dies in the last episode by saying goodbye to everyone as well as to her daughter Saba.

Now Saira’s Sister want that Saira should come Dubai. After the death of Shafaq, Saira is trying going to Dubai but Shafaq’s mother is trying to stop her. But Saira is not ready to stop at this home. Saqib also said to Shafaq’s mother that “don’t stop her, she should go from here”.

Finally, Shafaq’s mother said “I have something to both of you”. Then she brings the mobile of Shafaq & said that “before death Shafaq save a video message for us in this mobile & this message depicts her last wish”. According to this Video message Shafaq said to Saira to marry with Saqib & to take care her daughter Saba.

She further said to Saira “jb tum galt thi to me sahi thi or jb tm sahi thi tu me galt thi”. For the purpose of fulfilling this last wish of Shafaq, Saqib finally stops Saira. Saira also changed her decision to go Dubai & ready to marry wit Saqib. The End! Do you think the end of this drama is justified? I think it is justifiable because “When God can forgive His creature, then why not Saqib & Shafaq can forgive to Saira”. Share your thoughts about it!

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Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 19 & 20 last episode

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