Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episode 11 & 12

| January 5, 2015

Story of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 11 & 12 Episode

Finally the story of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye moves forward. Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye episode 11 & 12 is all about Saqib’s increasing love for the Shafaq. He is falling in love with her due to her pure, innocent & modesty nature. Saqib is a guy who is standing in between Saira’s & Shafaq’s love.  At one side Shafaq is a caring girl while Saira is careless. Shafaq is a pure girl who only prefers feelings & emotions of a person while Saira is a materialistic girl who only prefers money, a big house & cars. Saira never takes about the emotions & sentiments of Saqib that’ why Saqib moves towards the girl (Shafaq) who cares her feeling. Shafaq wish to Saqib on his birthday & she also prepares a birthday cake at home with her own hand. On the other hand, Saira forget Saqib birthday & never wish him. When Shafaq brings cake for Saqib & wish him then at the same time Shafaq receives the call of Saira. Saira said to her “I need your car because I have to take some things to the hospital because my elder sister is admitting into the Hospital”. Shafaq said to Saqib “I need a favor from you, can you please take Saira to hospital”. Saqib say yes & go away. Saira once again shows her materialism feelings before Saqib. Saqib shows his anger on her & he also try to tell her that you are becoming very materialistic.

When Saqib said to Saira “you never wish me on my birthday” then Saira said “sorry me bhol gae thi”. She force Saqib for a dinner, so Saqib takes her for a dinner on the other hand Shafaq is waiting for Saqib.  Shafaq’s mother said to her “why to send Saqib at Saira’s home”.

Saira & her sister are shopping in a mall then “Farooq” (cousin of Shafaq) saw to them. He meets with Saira but Saira neglect him. Saira’s sister exchanger her cell number with him. Farooq calls to Saira’s sister & express his wish to marry with Saira. When Saira’s sister talk with Saira then she refuse to marry with Farooq. Farooq insists Saira for a meeting. Saira agrees & go into a hotel for meeting with Farooq. Saira is very much impressed from his car & job. Although she expressed before “Farooq” that she loves only Saqib” yet she is impressed from Farooq’s wealth. Saira also visits Farooq’s home & inspired from his bog home. Farooq is seemed quite impressed c from her boss because her give a car as gift to him. Farooq never talks appropriately about his job, he only said that “I usually final the deals & my boss gives me all this in return”.

Shafaq feels about herself as “she is trying to steal Saqib from Saira”. She express her thoughts before Saqib & said to him “you can still marry with Saira if you are feeling any kind of regret” but Saqib becomes angry on this. He said to Shafaq that “I love you not Saira”. Both Shafaq & Saqib decided to go on a beach. After a lot of enjoyment Shafaq fell down due to faintness. Saqib talks with doctor & asks from him “Shafaq ky pass kitna time hy” & further asked from doctor about more foreign specialists. Finally, Shafaq & Saqib are going to marry. Shafaq call Saira at her home & requests her “stay away from Saqib”. When Saqib listen all this then, he said to Shafaq why you are begging before a girl who never cares about anyone. Saqib talks very bitterly with Saira & said her leave this how right now. On this bitter behavior of Saqib, finally Saira decided to say “yes” to Farooq’s proposal. Let see what happened with Saira’s & Shafaq’s life.

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