Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episode 4

| November 8, 2014

Story of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Episode 4

This episode 4 of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye is all about the preparation of engagement, then engagement & in the last a big party after engagement. But various scenes in this episode astonished me arise one word in my mind that is “why”.  The answer is hidden until. Let deeply take a review of this episode.

The 4th Episode starts from the preparation of engagement. Saira is very much happy from her engagement with Saqib (a rich cousin or her).  Saira is actually flying in the air on the fulfillment of her dreams. Saira was looking very beautiful on her engagement day. Saqib was also very happy. On this engagement two significant & unusual things which happened are; during the engagement ceremony the rings fell down near the feet of Saira’s best friend Shafaq. Falling of ring is basically considered a sigh of bad omen. So whether something wrong is going to be happen in the upcoming episodes? If yes then who will be the victim? Saira? Saqib? Shafaq? Or someone else?

The second significant thing which happens in the engagement party is the call of a Gulzar group of industries. This big businessman wants to work with Faiq (father of Saqib). Saqib’s mother said to her husband that it all because of their future Bahu Saira & Faiq is also very happy because of this call & that’s why after engagement he announced a big party for his son & Bahu Saira.

On the other hand we feel once again the complexes of Shafaq. She told her mother that Saira is beautiful that’s why her “Naseeb” (fate or fortune) is also very good. In her discussion with her mother Shafaq reveals that she has dark skin tone that’s why she is not looks as beautiful as Saira (Rahma Ali is really a very beautiful girl that’s why I can never understand why she is casted for such a psychological ill girl character who consider herself not a beautiful girl only because of dark skin tone while she is not dark skin tone?)

Saira’s mother & elder sister are not in the favor of such a big party that’s why both decide to call the Saqib’s mother so that they can excuse from attending this party. But Saira is very much happy from this party & want to attend it. So she stops her mother from doing this.

At the day of party, Saira’s tailor never stitched her suit. Now she is worried about what she will wear on such a grand party? But her best friend Shafaq solved her problem by offering her own saree to Saira. But when Saira asked from Shafaq what she will wear then Shafaq replies that I have also another Same design saree (now the question is why Shafaq bought the two sarees of same designs? I think no girl like to buy two same design & same color dresses for her? Is you like?).

At this party we saw that Saqib gives a gold bracelet to Saira & Saira receives this gift with great happiness (Saira shows very hungry & greedy behavior towards expensive thing). One more significant thing which happened in this party is; when one of Saqib’s cousin or friend offers him to play a game. In this game Saqib has found the Saira from a row of girls (with a black patti on his eyes). But he guessed wrong, he guess Shafaq as Saira (what it means?). Saqib say I Love You to Shafaq instead of Saira when he has a pati on his eyes. After remove pati he felt guilty & said “I love you to Saira”.

Finally, in the last we saw that due an accident Saqib’s family is in hospital. We feel that Saqib is now all alone in this world. Now let how much time will Saqib take to recover? Let see whether he will save his father’s business or not? What will be the reaction of Saira? What will happen with Shafaq? Wait for next episode!

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye episode 4

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