Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episode 9, A-plus drama, Sajal Ali, Ahsan Khan & Rehma Ali

| December 13, 2014

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 9th Episode

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye episode 9 is again full of twists. From the 1st to 9th episode we feel that each piece of episode has lots of twists. Everything is happening at a fast rate. Firstly, meeting of Saira & Saqib, then Saqib fall in love with her, Saqib finally convince her parents & engaged with Saira,

Saqib’s parent’s sudden accident & death, after father death Saqib become poor because his father business partner deceives him & this sudden poorness of Saqib broke all the dreams of greedy & materialistic girl Saira because Saira is ready to marry with Saqib only because he is a wealthy person. On the other hand Shafaq’s mother diagnosed that her daughter is ill & she has brain tumor & she is on last stage.

For the purpose of bringing “bahar” in her daughter’s life she is finding a nice person who will marry with Shafaq & as a result she will give all of her property to this guy. She expresses all these thought before Saira (she is best friend of Shafaq). Saira is upset because Saqib is failed in order to get a job.

He is jobless. Finally, Saira said to Saqib that “I have a plan, you will marry with Shafaq & after her death you will get all of her property then we will marry with each other”. When Saira’s mother came to know all this then she died due to heart attack. Even after her mother’s death, Saira is stick on her decision. Saqib is now living at Shafaq’s home; so that he can marry with Shafaq (only on the wish of Saira he is doing all this). Shafaq is unaware from her disease as well as her mother & Saira’s plan.

In 9th episode we feel that Saira is trying to assure Shafaq that she is not interested in Saqib because he is poor how I can marry with him. She further expressed her thoughts by saying that “Me Saari zindagi rotiyan paaka nahi sakti”. Through her bitter talks Saira is trying to make sure before Shafaq that she is not in love with Saqib. On the other hand Saira said to Saqib that “Dykhna isi traha ye hansty hansty duniya sy chali jaaye gi”. This shows how much materialistic girl, Saira is.

On the other hand, Saqib is very much impressed from the inner beauty of Shafaq’s personality. He considers her an innocent, pure & honest girl. No doubt, she is. I think Saqib should never late in order to understand the true feelings of Shafaq. Secondly, he should try to understand his heart that Saira is not honest with him because she is only interested in wealth. Let see when Saqib will understand this fact?

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 9

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 9 (1)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 9 (2)

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 9 (3)

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