Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye Review of Episodes 5 & 6

| November 22, 2014

5 & 6 Episode Review of Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye

As we know that the forth episodes ends on a sudden accident of Saqib’s Parents & Brother. Now he is all alone in the world. In further episodes (I mean in 5th & 6th Episodes), we find out that now Saqib never want to stay alone in his home that’s why he stressed upon his “Khala” that please stay with me at home.

Now Khala along with his daughters & son is living on Saqib’s home. Saira (the daughter of Khala & fiancée of Saqib) is very happy from this decision of Saqib. She thinks now she is the owner of this home & she can fulfill all his dreams about which she only think.

Finally, we have come to know ‘what’s the problem with Shafaq”. One morning during breakfast, she suddenly feels very severe headache & Shafaq’s mother takes her to the hospital. Finally, doctors diagnosed that she has “brain tumor”.

Doctors further told her mother that “she is on the last stage & she will alive only for one year”. Her mother tries her best in order to battle from this disease but all doctors refuse from any kind of treatment because all doctors said that if we touch the tumor a little then it may burst.

On the other hand Khala is thinking that their stay at Saqib’s home is not reasonable. People can rumor about it. Her son-in-law (elder daughter’s husband) suggests that “Saqib or Saira ka Nikha kr diya jaye”.  So, it is decided by the family members that after the religious custom of “Chalisswan” of Saqib’s family the Nikha will held with simplicity. Saira is happy from this decision. Saqib takes Saira for shopping so that she can become his bride according to the wishes of his mother.

We saw that when Shafaq comes to know about the death of Saqib’s family then she comes at his home. Saira express her feelings before her best friend Shafaq, by saying that now she is happy because Khala & Khalo are not alive.  Shafaq surprised a lot after knowing her best friend Saira’s point of views. After some time Saqib comes there & meet with Shafaq.

Shafaq is happy to see him. Shafaq encourages him to move ahead in life because life is not stationary & static. Saqib feels good after listening her. When Saira observe that Saqib is showing his interest in Shafaq then she finally say good bye to Shafaq.

Shafaq’s mother finally takes a decision of providing all the happiness to her daughter. For this purpose, she is ready to spend all her wealth. She is now thinking about the marriage of Shafaq. Shafaq is unaware from her disease.

Another twist comes in the story, when after a long time Saqib visit office & find out that his father’s business partner Shams deceive him. Shams play a big game after the death of his business partner Faiq (father of Saqib). Shams is now the owner of Faiq’s all property & business. When Saira came to know all the situation & then she feels very disappointed.

She said to Saqib “don’t worry we will sell this home & then buy a new & little one in a mohalla” but Saqib replies this home is not mine it is also in the custody of Shams. Then she asks about the things which are present in this home, on this question Saqib replies “nothing is left”. Then she said “Saqib ab tum gareeb ho gae ho”. All this shows that Saira only loves his wealth not to Saqib. Finally, Saqib leaves his home. Now he is living on his Khala’s home.

Saira go at Shafaq’s home for sharing her disappointments with her. But there she meets her mother. Saira told about the sudden loss of all property of Saqib & on the other hand Shafaq’s mother told about the brain tumor disease of her daughter to Saira. Shafaq’s mother also told her that Shafaq is unaware from this disease & she will live only one year.

She further told to Saira, that she now want to marry her daughter as soon as possible & will give all of her property to the person who will marry with Shafaq. This surprised a lot to Saira. Saira is thinking very deeply. What’s going on in her mind? She come back home & but still she is in deep thinking. Saira’s brother calls her but she is giving no response to him.

Her brother goes towards Saqib who is sitting in the yard & tell him about the absent mind situation of his sister. Saqib go towards Saira & asks her what happened? But Saira satisfied him by saying that “nothing special happen”. She assures him that she loves him & Saqib also said to her that “doesn’t leave me alone”.

Let see what happened in the next episode. Weather Saira stand with Saqib in such worse situation or not? Who will marry with Shafaq? May be its Saqib or someone else? What’s Saira’s new plan? Just & wait for the next episode review!

Chupke Se Bahar Ajaye 5 & 6

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