Different Hairstyles of Bollywood Actresses

| July 23, 2016

0. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

Hairstyles are the main thing which can change your overall look because when you cut your hair make any style you look more enchanting and attractive  so the hairstyles are made in such style which suits on your face shape  because the hairstyles which are opposite  to your face look so awkward   the bollywood  actresses who are the   ideal of many girls   because they look very beautiful when they make any hairstyle and do make up   and due to different characters in different scenes they  do change their hairstyles  so  if you want to go with these hairstyles then stay with us and see the different hairstyles  which gives you a new and charming look .they are very talented  ladies when they   adopt any style they look   beautiful and smart .

Zareen khan:

1. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

The very talented and gorgeous heroine zareen khan is  looking very beautiful in the traditional dress sarree with the nice hairstyle for the long hair  thick  curly hairstyle with  the side parted one sided is looking good you can make it for the formal function  when you carry the jhummky with this style and sarree you look  very nice.

Deepika padukone:

2. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

Deepika padukone a dimple girl   is looking very pretty in the messy braid with the curly locks are on the  both side  she is in any public place so messy braid looks good  for the   trendy look so you can select this style  for you to  go out .

Bibasha basso:

3. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

The  black beauty  is so attractive and glamorous  Bibasha basso is called the  bangoly  cat  she  is looking  decent in the step cutting  side  swept shoulder length if you want to cut your hair then  this cutting is best for you   it can show your hair  thick and volioumnious  you can use the  headband and the band for doing high ponytail .

Huma qureshi:

4.bollywood actress famous hairstyles

Huma  qureshi is the  latest  heroine in the bollywood but  in short time she got much fame  in the  film industry  so if you have long black hair then you can make the  one sided  wavy curly hairstyle with the fancy brooches and the pins  in the awards show  Huma  is wearing the   one shoulder off dress with the wavy curly hairstyle they  are looking  so attractive in this style.

Diya Mirza:

5. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

The  beautiful features  lady  diya mirza is not   seen on the  screen in a large number  but the acting and  look is very cool many girls copy their style because they   do anything they look attractive and nice so the hairstyle which is made by the Diya  is  loose braid  with side swept and in the simple dress they look so traditional  you can  adopt this style if you like.

Anushka Sharma:

6. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

Anushka  Sharma is something naughty  actress they have the habits of mischievous   but the acting is superb  they  have done very  impressive  acting in her  famous movie “PK “ but in this movie their hairstyle  is  razor shaved style means short bob hairstyle they  can make it pixie and spike also they have oval face and all the  hairstyles look good on  their faces.


7. bollywood actress famous hairstyles

Kajol is very attractive and well known actresses of the bollywood in many movies she has gotten the awards  and recently her new movie is     released   Dil waly  in this movie kajol is looking very beautiful Loose curly braid with the loose  braid  for the formal events you can make  this hairstyle and you can  do rock with this style.


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