Different Style Shoes of Famous Indian Actor Salman Khan

| October 8, 2016

Salman Khan is most famous and gorgeous actor of Indian film industry born on December 27, 1965. His father is Muslim and belongs to Afghanistan and then migrated to Indore and his mother is Hindu by religion and Maharashtrian and Salman Khan considers himself Hindu and half Muslim. People of all round the world like him the most and take inspiration from his life and life style even they want to dress up like Salman Khan.

Most of the boys adopted his hairstyle from the super hit film “Tere Naam” and they also like his clothes and shoes etc and want to copy to look like Salman Khan and to impress the girls also because this actor is most famous among girls too. In this article we will discuss about the footwear of famous actor Salman Khan. Salman is an Indian ambassador of many famous international brands.

he look and body of Salman Khan has made the followers especially girls go crazy for him. Many film stars also try to copy his looks and style statement. He is a mass media influencer and a guy with perfect body. His height is 5.7” and he always wants to look taller and for this he likes to wear on height shoes. But he likes all kinds of shoes and boots as you can see the pictures wearing him different shoes in different colors. He wore sneakers in the picture standing with Kapil Sharma at the show Comedy Nights looking nice.

Salman likes to wear elevator shoes almost all his movies and real life too because elevators boots increase the height instantly and he looks taller by wearing this kind of shoes. Salman seems to be in character in this picture. Salman always choose the pair of shoes that suits with his dress and he is always looking for versatile shoes that can be dresses up with formal wear or down for a more casual arena.

Salman likes to wear brogue shoes the most and this kind of shoes is available in four different toe cap styles full brogue, long wing brogue, semi brogue and quarter brogue and we often see him in this kind of shoes as we can see the picture of Salman in which he wore a pair of long wing brogue with black sherwani and plain white shalwar looking graceful.

Salman more dresses up with casual boots than sneakers and look best with casual outfits as salman wore brown shoes with dark blue tee shirt and blue jeans. He is looking good in yellow shirt, blue jeans and matching derby shoes in yellow color because sometimes he wants something a little bit dressed up but not to dressed up.

You can see the picture of salman in which he wore blue pant with black shirt and leather jacket in dark grey color and he wore he wore shoes that called hiking shoes or work boots because these boots are designed to support the ankle, provide cushion and protect from the elements while still being light enough to not impede stamina and keep relax the foot for long hours and are an outdoor man’s delight.


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