Digest Writer Episode 6 Review

| November 11, 2014

Story of Episode 6 of Digest Writer

Digest Writer is amazingly written story, I must say that that it is totally different story & full of energy, every actor & actress is playing his/her role in a very well way. The drama is so much famous among the viewers because the storyline is different that’s why everyone waits so eagerly for the next episode which aired on every Sundays at 08:00 pm on Hum TV. Again in this episode we saw new developments. Let’s have a review!

We saw that Fareeda’s family is worried about their daughter Jameela’s marriage. Family of Fareeda is happy due to the improving financial condition. It’s all only because of the day & night efforts of Fareeda in order to write good stories for digest & drama industry.

In this serial we saw the engagement ceremony of Jameela. Furthermore we saw how Fareeda got tensed when she received the call from bank that the check is bounced. She goes to the office for solving this problem but she never finds Rida Anmol there because she is out from office because of some work.

But in actual Rida Anmol is in office & Fareeda’s Brother Farhan saw her on the Terrace. Fareeda calls her but she never receives the call. It hurts Fareeda a lot. Now Fareeda feels that she may be trapped by the showbiz industry. Fareeda have to do lots of work from this impending amount. She knows that her family is totally depending on her. She wants to buy lots of thing for her Sister Jameela’s Dowry.

On the other hand, Rida Anmol is felling very irritating from the reparative calls of Fareeda. Rida thinks that she gives a chance to this nameless girl in order to make a place in the media industry then why don’t she is demanding amount. Rida Anmol thingks that, no one knows Fareeda; it’s only me who provides fame to her in this industry.

Fareeda once again go to the office for demanding her amount of work. Director gives her 20,000 rupees & also promises for giving the entire remaining amount. At the same time we saw a new entry (may be hero of the serial) Ayan Junaid. He noticed that she is the writer of the drama & trapped by the producer & head of drama Rida Anmol.

Both exchange number with each other so that they can contact. Fareeda is very happy when meet with such a great actor. Her sisters are also shows their happiness when listen this news from Fareeda. Little nook Jhook among sisters Jameela, Fareeda & Shakeela adds life & genuinely in this serial.

What about Shaukat? He always becomes a source of fun in this serial. Again in this episode his bright color Shirt & Nawabi style amuses me a lot. His style of dressing is really very funny. Its care & passion for Fareeda is really very cute. We saw that Shaukat’s mother came to Fareeda’s home for congratulating their family on the engagement of Jameela. She also gives the proposal of Shaukat for Fareeda.

But Fareeda’s parents makes clear that she is not yet ready for marrying as she is fulfilling her dreams. Fareeda’s parents are supporting her in order to fulfill her passion of becoming a big writer. We also see that Shaukat tries to threat Fareeda by calling her & saying that she must accept her proposal otherwise she will be in danger.

Fareeda’s character is also showing those hurdles which are usually faced by the new & talented writers in the showbiz industry. Fareeda actually stands for a girl who’s inventive passionate about her aim & determined. Let’s wait & see where the life will take Fareeda & her Family. Eagerly waiting for the next episode!

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