Digest Writer Review-Episode 20

| February 16, 2015

Episode 20 of Digest Writer

Digest Writer episode 20 is all about Fareeda’s misfortune. We saw that Fareeda left the home of Shaukat & starts to live at her mother’s home. She said that “I came here because I want to write some dramas in satisfactorily environment”. But when Fareeda continuously live at her parents’ home then her parents becomes very much worried about her. I like the appearance of Shakeela after marriage at her parents’ home & Fareeda never hesitate to share Shaukat’s affair news with Shakeela. Shakeela try to make a sense by telling Fareeda that now you should think about your daughter instead of Shaukat.

Fareeda’s mother Zareena also talks with her that “she should go back home”. The way Zareena talks with Fareeda makes no sense. At this time Zareena seems quite materialist she never thinks about the happiness of her daughter she only thinks about the society. She thinks about how the people of this society are talking about Fareeda.

On the other hand, we find out that Fareeda’s in laws are facing financial crisis due to absence of Fareeda & her income that she got after script writing. The short of in household expenses makes them to realize that “How much Fareeda I mean her income is important for them”. So, they are thinking to bring her back at home.

I like the conversation between Fareeda & her best friend. They both talk about the so-called & typical behavior of in-laws that is mostly found into our society. This drama always gives an extra-ordinary importance to the supportive characters because the appearance of Fareeda’s best friend proves this fact. Similarly, the director pays attention towards the changing looks of characters because they changed the look of Shakeela exactly like a girl after marriage.

We finds out that Fareeda is a very sensible girl she never every try to show herself like a girl who try to collect the sympathies of other on the rude behavior of her in-laws & husband. Furthermore, we saw that her parents & in-laws, everyone is trying to steal the authority of decision from Fareeda. When Fareeda’s mother-in-law & Shaukat came to take her back then I also find out that may be Fareeda is giving another chance to her husband & in-laws by forgiving them & by going back with them or maybe she is once again compromising with Shaukat for the sake of her parent’s happiness. But it is an obvious fact that Fareeda has now understand that Shaukat never loves her. He married her because she is a case of egotism for him.

I think Mazher Hayat is trying to mislead the head of the channel because he said to him that we are working with Rash-e-Hina yet till now we neither finds out any meeting of Mazher with Fareeda nor he say sorry to Fareeda. Let see what will happen with him?

When Shaukat was finding some papers from his room then he finds out the diary of Fareeda & saw the letters of Sheheryar. Currently, Shaukat never speaks about these letters but I am sure that he will surely use these letters on the right time (when required) so that he can mold the situation in his own favor. This is the review of the 20th episode of digest writer. The preview of the next episode is also quite interesting. So, don’t forget to read the review of the next episode. Stay blessed, keep supporting!

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