Digest Writer Review of Episode 12, A wrong Decision is taken by Fareeda, Hum TV most famous drama, Saba Qamar Popular Project

| December 23, 2014

Story of Digest Writer Episode 12

Why Fareeda is trying to destroy her life with her own wrong decisions? This episode is all about a wrong decision that was taken by Fareeda. Let’s have a review & then you will come to know what it was?

Shaukat seems quite sincere with Fareeda. When once again Fareeda refuse from the proposal of Shaukat then Shaukat’s family react very badly, especially Appa, (mother of Shaukat) but Shaukat said to his mother I will talk to Fareeda & I hope she will be agree on this proposal. On the other hand Anwar (father of Fareeda) talks very strictly with Fareeda  & try to say her that “parents always think about the happiness of their kids” but when Fareeda stick on her decision then Anwar say to her that “now I am totally indifferent from your & your mother’s decisions”. This hurt a lot to Fareeda.

When Shaukat comes to meet with Fareeda then he talks very polite with her. He promised with Fareeda that “he will always stands with her, he will try to change himself, he will always takes care of her & he will ready to do everything that she likes”. But I think Shaukat needs to understand the facts that it will never easy for him to fulfill all of his promises. I think he has no caliber to bring a change in his personality.

Fareeda, finally, takes a decision to meet with Sheheryar so that she can talk at least once with him. She calls to Sheheryar & shows her intention of meeting with him. Sheheryar is happy on this unexpected meeting. Fareeda go to meet with Sheheryar but she never meets with him & back-out from there. I think that’s the point where Fareeda is on a mistake.  I think she should meet with Sheheryar & talk with him so that she can resolve all misunderstanding. I know that Sheheryar is on fault because he always shows his standards of living before Fareeda & never give a chance to speak to Fareeda. But now Fareeda is making a mistake. I think she should explain all things before him she back-out from there without meeting with Sheheryar.

A great disappointment is that Fareeda say “Yes” for Shaukat’s proposal. She is not happy on this decision but I think all circumstances (his father’s wish, Sheheryar’s criterions, Appa’s pressure on her family & father) leads her to take this decision. Shaukat is really very unbearable & intolerable for Fareeda then how Fareeda can bear him whole life? Appa is showing very happiness & gentle behavior with Fareeda (when comes at Fareeda’s home). I think this is only the requirement of time otherwise she will acts as typical “Saas” after marriage. Let’s see what will happen with Fareeda after marr8he with Shaukat?

Rida Anmol is facing a continuous downfall because of her flop dramas. On the other Hand Ayan Junaid is expecting a great success after airing his new drama that is written by Rashk-e-Hina (I mean by Fareeda). Let’s see whether Shaukat’s family will allow to Fareeda to write Novels & fictions for digest or dramas for TV? The preview of the next episode depicts a very bad situation that Fareeda is facing in her “Susral”. Jameela’s good dressing & hairstyle as well as make-over very clearly tells us that she is living a happy married life.

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