Digest Writer Review of Episode 13, Fareeda Got Married with Shaukat, Hum TV Most Popular Drama,

| December 30, 2014

13th Episode of Digest Writer:

In this episode, finally, Fareeda got married with Shaukat but she feeling regret on her decision again & again. When she had taken a decision of getting married with Shaukat then why she is regretting on it. I think she should meet with Sheheryar at least once. She should explain her point of view before him. I think Fareeda can never bear the bitter talks of Sheherhar if he rejects her due her social background. But personally, I feel very bad for Sheheryar because according to my point of view Fareeda should give to him one chance. But When Sheheryar show his strange behavior when he comes to know the name of “Anwar Ali” then I think he is getting that he actually deserved.

Fareeda was looking nice & gorgeous on her wedding day. Shaukat is like “girgit ki tarha rang badalna”. He clearly expresses all his intentions before Fareeda. He said to Fareeda that “you should takes care of my mother & sisters plus obey them”. He further said to Fareeda “I don’t like your job of writing stories & dramas so now you should stop this work”. After listening all this when Fareeda reminds him that you said to me “I can do anything that I like even after marrying with you”. But Shaukat is stuck on his demand.

Shaukat’s family is expecting that Fareeda will bring lots of dowry with herself. On the other hand Fareeda brings only some necessary things. When Appa asked from Fareeda’s parent’s about more dowry then they clearly told her that “we have already sent all the things that we have”. On this statement Appa becomes angry but never shows her anger clearly. I think now Appa try to exploit Fareeda. She will taunt Fareeda & her family again & again because Appa got fewer things than her expectations. Sisters of Shaukat are also another great problem for Fareeda. I am thinking that this marriage will never long last. Let see what happened with the married life of Fareeda?

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