Digest Writer Review of Episode 15 & 16

| January 22, 2015

Digest Writer- 15 & 16 Episodes Review

Each Episode of “Digest Writer” is really very surprising & full of new twists. In 15 episode of this drama we come to know that Fareeda is Pregnant. I think mostly viewers are expecting a separation between Fareeda & Shaukat because of her anxious & restless married life but a new twists come into the story with her pregnancy news. We know the fact that mostly a woman compromises with her married life when she expects a child. The Same case is for Fareeda.

Anwar, the father of Fareeda, is also feeling very regret on his decision. Whenever, he saw his daughter Fareeda unhappy then a sorrowfulness feeling come to him. In the earlier episodes of this drama he was a strict father but now he is a totally changed personality. He has become very polite & gentle with his daughters. He is now blaming to himself for such a miserable condition of her daughter.

Now, Fareeda has become a mother of a daughter. On the birth of daughter Fareeda’s mother-in-law as well as her husband Shaukat, both are behaving very angrily & bitterly. On the other hand Fareeda’s parents & her siblings are really very happy on the birth of a little doll. In actual, Fareeda’s in-laws are expecting a baby boy that’s why they are reacting emotionless on the birth of a baby girl. When Fareeda want to give a name of her own choice (that is Meerab) to her daughter then once again her mother-in-law oppose her & express her own wish of naming her grand-daughter.

Appa (mother-in-law of Fareeda) gives a very old name to her grand-daughter that is “Suraiya”. Fareeda never likes this name when she said to Shaukat that “I never like this name” then once again Shaukat support his mother instead of his wife Fareeda.  Similarly, when Fareeda want o distribute “Methaie” into the neighbors then once again her mother-in-law stops her.

This scene is really very emotional. In short words, we can say that Fareeda’s in-laws are exploiting lots of her rights without any kind of regrets. They are exploiting the rights of a mother. In this way, the writer of this drama wants to tell us about the difficulties of a married woman who especially face a complicated situation on the birth of a baby girl.

Mazher Hayat has been appointed on the big post into an office of a popular channel. He is one of those people who never like digest writers. So, he is not giving a place to those dramas which are written by the digest writer. When “Mahroosh (ex-girlfriend of Mazher)” come to know about the new job of Mazher then she once again try to contact him so that she can get the benefits from him but Mazher Hayat never like to talk with her.

This clearly told us about those actresses who are usually opportunists & try to trap those people who can provide them benefits into the showbiz world & breaks their relationships from the people when they are facing a downfall as she did with Mazher Hayat.

Mostly people of the showbiz industry are talking about the dramas of Rash-e-Hina (Fareeda) which means that whenever Fareeda decide for a comeback then she will be welcomed by these people but I think Mazher can create some problems for her because he never like to give any space to digest writers into the drama industry because according to Mazher Hayat these digest writer are usually incapable to write on the issues that are related to our society.

In 16th episode, Fareeda’s in-laws are making preparations for Najma’s marriage. Fareeda’s mother-in-law demands jewelry of gold plus some new clothes from Fareeda (these are those items that Fareeda’s in-laws gives to her as Baari) so that she can give all this to her daughter Najma. Fareeda gives all this to her mother-in-law like an obedient “baho”.

On the request f his mother, Shaukat demands some more items from the dowry of Fareeda (that her parents give to her on her marriage) so that they can give these items as gift to Najma on her marriage. Fareeda said to Shaukat that I have already give jewelry & clothes to Najma then why are you demanding some more items from my dowry which my parents give to me?

On this Shaukat become very angry. Shaukat is one of those husbands who usually follow the instructions of their mothers. They never know the rights of a wife. They never know their duties as a father. At one side Fareeda’s in-laws are making preparation for Najma’s wedding while on the other side suddenly Fareeda’s father-in-law become seriously ill & now he is in hospital.

Lot of money has already spent on his hospitalization that’s why Shaukat’s mother said to Shaukat that “you should permit Fareeda for writing dramas so that she can earn money & helps us in such a poor financial condition”. So, Shaukat talk with Fareeda & allow her to write dramas but Fareeda very clearly understands why they are permitting to her to write drama so that she can become a machine of earning money for them.

Due to the bad selection of dramas for a popular channel by Mazher Hayat the channel’s rating are going down day-by-day. That’s why the head of this channel calls to Mazher Hayat in his office & talks with him that “you should give some space to the digest writers because their dramas are more popular as compared to the other writers”. The head also recommend the name of “Rash-e-Hina”. He advises to Mazher Hayat that “you should contact to her immediately”.

Let see now what will happen into the next episode because at one side Shaukat allow Fareeda to writer dramas while on the other side Mazher Hayat contact to her. Whether Fareeda will accept the offer or not?

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