Digest Writer Review of Episode 17

| January 27, 2015

Story of Digest Writer Episode 17

Finally, Mazher Hayat calls to Fareeda & she was very happy when she talks with her one of the favorite writers. Fareeda invited to meet with Mazher Hayat. So, she goes into the office with Shaukat but Mazher Hayat talks very bitterly, cynically & sullenly with her. I think Mazher Hayat is a person who has not a good opinion about the new comers into drama industry especially about the writers.

He is only person who is giving a hard time to Fareeda. He is not approving her well-written scripts. He is pointing out lots of mistakes into Fareeda’s scripts. He is totally blind in his own world. He is not giving pace to the new talent. We all know that Fareeda has a good writer because due to her well-scripts in the past she had getting the mammoth popularity.

Mazher Hayat becomes angry when he saw spots of oil n Fareeda’s script plus the script smells like ginger & garlic paste. So, this script very clearly shows that it is written by the household lady. Mazher is not happy with the scripts of Fareeda. Fareeda also knows very well that Mazher Hayat is not happy with her scripts. She is trying her best in order to satisfy Mazher Hayat but all this is fruitless.

Along with script writing Fareeda is also forced to fulfill her household responsibilities by her in-laws. She is now very clearly understood the fact that her voyage to become a popular script-writer is not as easy as she is thinking because of her in-laws offensive behavior & Mazher Hayat’s expectations. According to Mazher Hayat Writing is a task which requires an unbroken attention but on the other hand Fareeda’s in-laws forced her to cook food for them, clean the home, take care of her daughter, prepare tea for Shaukat whenever he demands, washing clothes & lots of other household chores.

Shaukat is a sort of husband who cannot maintain balance between his wife & his mother. At one side Fareeda does not say him much about his mother’s & sister’s bad behviour while on the other side his mother’s complaints about Fareeda not come to an end.

When Fareeda meets with her mother & sisters then she feels vey happy. It is really good for the viewers when they see Surrayia & Farhan into the drama because mostly it is observed that the siblings of the main characters are vanished somewhere.

But the presence of Farhan & Surrayia very clearly tells us about the responsibilities of Fareeda towards her siblings that are the expenditures of the Farhan’s Education & Surrayia’s marriage. We know the fact that Fareeda’s parent & siblings are not greedy but they depend on Fareeda’s because they are financially weak.

This episode also depicts a very clear picture of a working & household lady who fulfill the household responsibilities along with working so that she can support the family financially. So, this is the review of the 17 episode of Digest Writer. Share your thoughts about this episode!

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