Digest Writer Review of Episode 18

| February 4, 2015

Episode 18-Digest Writer

This episode was very interesting. It seems as everything is happening on a much faster rate I this episode as compared from the previous episodes. There are lots of new developments in this episode. Scenes are quite shorter but to the point.

First of all let me talk about Mazher Hayat & Fareeda’s confrontation. Finally, Fareeda get rid from Mazher Hayat supervision because she got another chance from the other channel. We see that Mazher Hayat continuously dissatisfy from the scripts that are written by Fareeda. He continuously finds mistakes into the script. Fareeda is very upset from this situation.

She is also very much shocked to see the real face of such a great writer who writes well but in actual this great man is not great. When Fareeda received call from another channel then she very clearly told them about her commitment with Mazher Hayat & she also told them about the unsatisfied behavior of Mazher Hayat. Finally, Fareeda returns the bank check to the Mazher Hayat & breaks her commitment with him.

Now Fareeda is working with the other channel. This channel is providing all facilities to Fareeda & is happy with the work of Fareeda. No doubt that Fareeda is a talented writer & that she needs is only a perfect opportunity. Now, it seems as Fareeda’s professional life is seminal-up best & moving on a right track very smoothly.

I think in the upcoming episodes Mazher Hayat must pay for what he did with such a talented Writer Fareeda. The head of the channel will surely take an action against Mazher Hayat for being so illogical. I think viewers also want to see such kind of action against Mazher Hayat who adds only trouble into Fareeda’s life.

Now let’s move towards Fareeda’s married life. She is still facing lots of troubles into her married life. Her in-laws are still unhappy with her.  We also find out that Shaukat is taking interest in another girl. Fareeda is unaware from this fact but she is feeling that Shaukat comes home late at night & spends more time outside.

Fareeda’s in-laws are in financial crisis because Fareeda’s father in-law is ill & Shaukat is managing his father’s business. When Fareeda visit her parent’s home then she come to know from her father that Shaukat is not going on the shop from previous two weeks. This is a great shock for Fareeda when she asked from Shaukat then he told her that your father is telling lie.

I think in the upcoming episodes Fareeda finally get a supporter in her in-laws home. I am talking about the elder sister of Shaukat. She is currently living at her parents’ home because her husband is demanding a share from the property of his wife’s parent. When Fareeda stops Shaukat from taking his elder sister’s kids away from her then she seems quite courteous & polite.

Fareeda’s mother in law said to her son Shaukat “you should keep an eye on Fareeda because her sister’s wedding is near. It is possible that Fareeda will support her family”. She further said that “we have the right on Fareeda’s income”. They all are considering Fareeda only “money making machine”. This is the review of the 18 episode of Digest Writer. Let see what will happen into the upcoming episodes!

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