Digest Writer Review of Episode 23

| March 10, 2015

Digest Writer-23rd Episode

It is another episode that is directed very well & all characters performed their job very well. It was an episode that glued viewers to their seats from the first scene to the last scene of this episode.  Saba Qamar done her job very well with flawless expression of face & outstanding delivery of dialogue. In this episode we finally saw that Fareeda takes a decision about her life. When Seheryar once again proposed her then she demands divorce from Shaukat. This sudden decision of Fareeda is really very astonishing for everyone. But I like the conversation between Fareeda & her brother Farhaan. Farhaan is the person who knows very well how Fareeda struggle for sake of happiness of her family. She helps her parents, her sisters as well as her brother. Due to Fareeda’s struggle now her both sisters are living happy life & Farhaan has become a doctor. Her parents are living a luxury life. Fareeda also supports her in-laws, her sister-in-law as well as her jobless husband. She is still working hard only for sake of happiness of her kids.  Now it’s the time when Fareeda want to do something for herself & her happiness. She is feeling quite well in the company of Seheryar, she loves him, so when he proposes her then she demands divorce from Shaukat.

Shaukat & his family members are very much tensed because when Fareeda will be out from their lives then they once again became quite miserable. They never want to lose all the luxuries of life that they are getting only because of Fareeda. So, Shaukat decided to talk with Fareeda. He says sorry to Fareeda for all his mistakes that he made in the past. Bu Fareeda said “it’s too late now”. Shaukat try to pursue Fareeda by saying that “The court will gave the custody of my son to me because a 7 years old son can live with his father” & he further said that “how you can keep my daughter with a naa-meh-ram”. It’s well known fact that Fareeda loves her kids a lot & wants to keep her kids with herself even after divorced & she reveals her intentions about her kids when she talks with Seheryar on phone. Seheryar is ok with the decision of Fareeda about her kids.

The scene in which Fareeda asked for divorced from Shaukat is directed very well. When she demands divorced then she was in a trance & only thinking about Seheryar. Fareeda never hide anything from Shaukat & tell him very clearly the actual reason of divorce. Shaukat’s mother & sister both are thinking very rudely about Fareeda & her decision of divorce but they are not thinking about Shaukat & his rude & bitter behavior that he always encompasses to Fareeda.  When Shaukat was sitting with his mother & sister then finally he speaks out the truth on the face of his mother by saying that “I always did that you said to me so now why you are regretting”. Yes it’s true that Shaukat always followed the instructions of his mother & never ever try to think about the happiness of Fareeda.

If we talk about Fareeda’s parents Anwar & Zareena then it is right to say that the parents of a daughter never ever want that their daughter get the title of divorce. That’s why Zareena & Anwar are feeling little hesitation in order to support their daughter’s decision. Zareena is thinking that Shaukat is now a changed person but how she can think like this? Fareeda talk with her parents in a well way & made them speechless.

I like the scene when Fareeda try to know the opinion of her kids. In this way she is actually trying to know how Shaukat’s existence can impact on the lives on her kids. Let see what will happen into the next episode! The drama is near to its climax, so don’t forget to read the review of the next episode!

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