Digest Writer Review of Episode 3 & 4

| October 30, 2014

Story of 3 & 4 Episode of “Digest Writer”

Finally in 3rd episode & 4th episode the best scene was when a famous actress Rida read the story of Fareeda in a digest & appreciates her work & writing skills. Rida also shows her interest in Fareeda. She wants to give a task of writing a drama story to Fareeda. When Rida reached at Fareeda’s home & asks from Fareeda why doesn’t she write a story of drama for TV? It’s really very enjoyable for me.

On the other the family of Fareeda is still struggling hard. They bought the house (in which they are living currently) by taking a loan from bank. Fareeda wants to support her family members by earning money & fulfilling her passion of writing stories. But her parents are not supporting her. Fareeda’s phopho & her cousins Shaukat & Najma are also opposing Fareeda. Social pressure is highlighted very beautifully which usually become a hurdle in the way of talented girls especially those girls who belongs from middle class. In most scenes we saw that Fareeda elder sister Jameela is usually showing non-supporting behavior towards Fareeda in household tasks. But Jameela is still happy to see her next story in digest.

Shaukat is showing a dictating beHviour towards Fareeda but she deal with with him very nicely & brilliantly. Shaukat & his family is still opposing Fareeda’s act of writing stories. Shaukat’s sister Najma is feeling jealous from Fareeda. Shaukat is interested in Fareeda but Fareeda is never. Let see what happened with the couple. Shaukat is just like a funny character in this serial. He thinks as Fareeda got success she goes far away from him. But what we can say to him when Fareeda is never interested in him from the start.

Fareeda’s friends in college are also showing their happiness when talked about her stories. They are actually boosting her moral. Everyone is trying hard in order to urge Anwar (Fareeda’s father) to support his daughter. Anwar’s wife & daughters, all are now supporting Fareeda & trying to convince Anwar.

Now finally Anwar gives permission to Fareeda that she can fulfill her dreams. It was the big amount that Rida & Sikandar gave to Fareeda as advance plus her father Anwar understands that his daughter Fareeda is really very talented that’s why she should use it.  It was Jameela who convinced her father Anwar. Fareeda take her family for shopping, it’s just like a first success celebration party. Fareeda is also making plans about improving the condition of her home by buying new furniture plus she also thoughts to collect some dowry for Jameela. Zareena is worried about the wedding of Jameela but Jameela only needs the love & affection from her family members. In this regard Fareeda is doing well by talking with Jameela & by encouraging her. Both episodes were really very amazing & waiting for the next one. Let see how many turns & twists are left now?

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