Digest Writer Review of Episode 9

| December 1, 2014

Story of Episode 9 “Digest Writer”

Story of Episode 9 “Digest Writer”

In my previous review I talk about the offer of Rida Anmol & about Fareeda “Whether she accept it or not”. So, in this episode Fareeda accept this offer. She takes this decision only because her family needs money for the marriage of Jameela. I must say that the story is knitted very brilliantly & every single scene is engaging. Little surprises unfold in every episode very fiercely. Every event is occurring on the perfect time. I enjoyed this episode too because of lots of twists. Let’s have an evaluation of this episode!

I must say that Fareeda is the strength of this drama. People around her such as family, her relatives, college friends & now showbiz personalities or Bint-e-Hawa, all have their own exclusive significance & value. Some are important, some are clever & some are sincere.  Fareeda has her own dreams & wishes but these cannot be fulfilled due poverty. Once again, she is exploited by Rida Anmol due to some necessities of Jameela’s wedding. Rida Anmol knows very well how to play with people. She is giving interviews to the press very boldly & bravely. She offers 5 lakh as advance payment to Fareeda for a second script. Fareeda not agreed to write a script for Rida Anmol but her family forces her to do it because they need money. No one understands her feelings.

It is a bitter reality that sometimes you never want to do something but the people around that are important for you, actually forces you to do it. I like the way of Fareeda father “how beautifully & gently he talks with Fareeda”. He shows his helplessness before her daughter & he also feels guilty because he is incapable in order to collect enough money. Anwar knows his responsibilities very well but he thinks that Fareeda can support him in a stronger way. I like the submission & obedience of Fareeda towards her father. She agrees to write a script for Rida Anmol. So, finally Fareeda accept the offer.

Seheryar values Fareeda a lot. He has set some standards about Fareeda & her family. What will happen when he comes to know the reality? Whether he will compromise on these standards or not?

Ayaan Junaid finally finds out Fareeda & he knows very well “How Rida Anmol use Fareeda”. I think he appears like a breath of fresh air for Fareeda. I was feeling bad for Fareeda from the some previous episodes but now it seems as good time is waiting for her. She likes to give words her feelings in the form of stories. No doubt, she is talented & determined. Ayaan seems genuine, sincere & honest when he offers her to work for him I mean to write for him. He offer her 30 thousand for per episode & 4 lakh as advance while Rida Anmol only gives 2 lakh as advance & 20 thousand for per episode. Ayyan said Fareeda “now you can return the check to Rida Anmol & write script for me”.

On a wedding ceremony, I like the Shaukat’s hairstyle & dressing (it’s amusing). The wedding was done nicely. Fareeda was looking nice on this event. Shaukat’s dressing & hairstyle is again amusing.

Overall, it is a good piece of episode for the viewers. Hopefully you will like this review. Wait for the next episode & then I will be there with a next review!

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