Dil lagi drama episode 19 review

| August 1, 2016

0. Dil lagi drama episode 19 review

Dil lagi_ Episode 19 review

We are stunned at the writer ability, the director talent and obviously the actors who made this drama a blockbuster. We have just a wow for this episode, which have turned the head of all with the quality acting and the big turn in drama. Finally, finally Anmol gets melted her heart and feel the power of love, a strong lady feels helpless in front of this passion and wants help from Mishal. We find it right that Mishal can resolve all yet the scene was kinda filmy to diagnose that its love or not but the well managed one.

It’s a big turn in proceeding drama, all 18 episodes were the setting up situations to make Anmol fall in love with Mohid but now it’s time to suffer Anmol as the misunderstanding regarding the abortion will lead their relation to extent. This misunderstanding will make Anmol feeling agony and also between the devil and deep sea when all things cannot be clarified to Mohid as she confirmed Zulekha to not tell anything about Sabiha abortion to anyone.

1. Dil lagi drama episode 19 review

Sabiha and Fazal now move on towards a happy life and I like all the happiness of Sabiha, Fazal and Anmol too when she gives a hug meeting Sabiha. I also like the way when she says Anmol when going with Fazal “MERY BHAI KA KHAYAL RAKHNA”. All credit goes to Mohid and Anmol, in fact these are all the efforts of Anmol who search out Fazal and do not bear her Nand in trauma which shows her kind but daring nature. It also shows that bad behaving for Mohid is just a Zid but now this Zid is all its end and the love feelings for him starts right now.

Every situation and dialogue was really blowing the mind of viewers and there were some lifelike scenes too that made us emotional when Fazal sit down and ask Zulekha to think him as her son and she puts her hand to his head with a soothing and relaxed smile. Saba Hameed has just proved the mind blowing acting skills that she has shown in this drama, the scene of inquiring all about Fazal’s search I also love that scene when Zulekha listens out Anmol regarding this all and says to her that Mohid is right in saying you are the one of your kind girl which stuns Anmol quickly.

“KABHI TUM GHALAT FEHMIYON MAIN REHTI HO, KABHI ULJHAN MAIN REHTI HO, ITNI JAGAH DI HUI HAI TUMHEN IS Dil MAIN WAHAN KYUN NI REHTI” This dialogue was the heavy treat of this episode that Mohid says to Anmol and that was the last hit to Anmol’s heart to feel Mohid’s passion of love.

Anmol confesses to her sister that she even needs a guide of anyone who can tell and clarify about her confused feeling that shows always being a strong lady is not enough but every person needs some counsel from the dear relations. How can we forget talking about Dastagir and Mishal who are also processing towards their chemistry, Dastagir innocent action of having glance of Mishal before taking exam was really pretty one that was the true men example in society who don’t think women their slaves but consider them their power to confront the hardships of life. Surely their chemistry and story have a good end with meeting.

We appreciate Faiza to write such a quality drama script and definitely Nadeem Baig has proved the great abilities of directing his drama in such a nice way that we don’t feel bored in watching any single scene of drama. Strong bond between Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat is also worth seeing; in a nutshell this episode was the great deal for all of us. How many of you watched this awesome episode, do share your comments.

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