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| August 22, 2016

0. dil lagi drama episode 22 review

These were the words in the letter which Anmol writes for Mohid before the hand of inquiring about all Mohid came to know in hospital. This has turned Mohid head and all of a sudden he gets the things clarified and I like he does not care for time at night and quickly move towards Anmol to justify the things and misunderstandings. Asking to Mohid where he is going Zulekha was not just the typical kinda women but even have smile on going his son to Anmol homes.

Well character of Zulekha is exceptional but not typical as generally in our society and commonly in the dramas too, mothers are really ironical and unsatisfied of their son tendency towards Bahu or the love they have for someone. But Zulekha proved her big heart although she doesn’t like her Bahu so much but even then respects the love of her son Mohid.

1. dil lagi drama episode 22 review

In this episode, Anmol’s mother was angry at start for behaving her daughter such in a brutal way but when she comes to know all about the lies of Anmol to Mohid about Farid, she even gets furious at her daughter and first time of this Anmol doesn’t have one word to say or clarify the things. Mishal always becomes the reason of resolving out the questions raised by Anmol and this shows that sometimes the bold and stronger persons also need the guidance. Anmol’s ego once again on the peak but when she comes back to her way of meeting the lawyer and talk with Mohid was sweeter than ever.

This was not something else but the power of love that turned her steps from not doing the wrong for Mohid and her relation. She has seen the most split condition as the slap from Mohid is totally the attack to her changing personality and once again she is standing on the same runway of hatred for Mohid. But at start, there was no passion of love but this time her heart just want to betray her.

2. dil lagi drama episode 22 review

Mohid as always in the state of declarations and justifying the situation of Anmol, this show the true love of a man in fact the character of Mohid is the man of its kind. I believe on these words which read somewhere that; “Aadmi to sub hi hoty hain par Mard koi koi Hota Hai.” The way he rationalizes Anmol state of heart and actions in front of her mother was matchless and also loving and wondering at him I feel we need such kinda men in our society and if it is so, the society will be refilled with the humanity and in fact the humanity for women.

Whenever I write on every episode of Dil Lagi, I just want to transform the praising of its quality in such a different way that this drama deserves. I don’t think there is anyone who can play the best of Mohid and Anmol character, both Humayun and Mehwish are flawless with their acting skills. Voice quality and the outclass personality of Humayun Saeed has made the character of Mohid fantastic and the complexity of Anmol’s character is playing by Mehwish also spectacular as it is not an easy task to perform.

All the characters of Mishal, her mother, Zulekha and Dastagir have given their best with captivating dialogues and performance but at the end, Mohid dialogue about Kifayat has made us fear as once again if there is going to do the same like Pyarey Afzal. We don’t want to see them parted and also the death of Mohid but the happy ending with the great of all that Faiza Iftikhar always does in every episode.


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