Divas like look of Ayeza Khan for Sana Abbas Bridal Photo shoot

| October 15, 2016


Pakistani fashion industry is rising on its peak of success day by day with influential work of our spectacular designers; the runways are very fiery set with the trendy designs of dresses launched by awesome designers who are naturally blessed with empowerment of creating meticulous designing art. One of them we are going to talk about is talented Sana Abbas who is not new but launched her company in 2009.

Designer art is to create a line which is subtly filled with intricate embroidery patterns and assimilation of modern silhouettes that are based with rich cultural amendments. Well recently designer has crafted the impeccable finishes of bridal ensemble and what is the thing to be mesmerized, the gorgeous Ayeza Khan Look, spotting Sana Abbas bridal dressing codes. We are just stunned because Ayeza did it so amazingly, as everyone is used to see her in soft beauty looks.

This time Ayeza is totally revealing of her Diva looks as the makeover done by Raana Khan fabulously presenting Ayeza Khan super star of this age whereas the hairstyling is also messily done with alluring impressions. Jewelry is all craft by Nadia Chhotain as every statement piece has made Ayeza a gorgeous lady and iconic bride of this year.

All ensembles done with peculiar embroidery pallets are a charm highlighted for brides 2016, whether they have to maintain on Walima or to any function, just wear and cheer the glam of dresses. We would like to discuss the ornamentation and the dazzles of Ayeza Wearing such a ravishing line of bridal collation designed by Sana Abbas.

Long shirt and Lehenga filled with heavy embroidery:


In no time, I feel that this ensemble would be gorge to Walima brides due to subtleness of color shade and also the embroidery line done on over all shirt and silk Lehenga. What a fantastic match of daisy pink dupatta with this dress, no doubt it is creating freshness to whole aura. Completely packed with perfect expressions of gorgeousness, Ayeza Khan is totally making us stun due to all accessorizing and undoubtedly the glam dress at all.

Glam look of Ayeza in Sana Abbas dress:


Would the brides like to wear such terrific design dress on wherever they have to present themselves a true modern bride of this age? I am sure answer is yes. Look for inspiration by Ayeza who has beautifully carried the allure of dress through her voguish expressions. Amazingly crafted dress of bride in powder subtle blue has charm to spell upon any wedding event. We like ring and earrings of Ayeza that has complimented the face truly and perfectly.

Pinks and gold are just for Ayeza:


The innocent Asian beauty Ayeza stuns every wearing and getup, we have not forgotten her charming looks of wedding and after giving birth to beautiful girls she is again back to work and we must say amazingly. This gold and pink wedding Lehenga worn by Ayeza has the plethora of embroidery pallets and creative motifs. On the other hand not only makeover but the traditional style choker in intricate pattern is just highlighting the long beauty neck of Ayeza Khan.

well, all the looks of Ayeza Khan is no doubt a grand new shoot, we like it anyway and for more pictures just scroll down the screen.

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