Divorce Issues and Reasons in Pakistan Female Celebrities

| January 14, 2015

Divorce issue in Pakistan showbiz:

Divorce is greatly disappointed and ominous according to Islamic teachings but in last few years the rate of divorce in Pakistan female celebrities is going high and high. Love marriages and sweet homes are broken because of personal and professional reasons. Most of our celebrities have faced this harsh aspect of life.

In this post we are going to talk about some most of famous Pakistani female celebrities who are living apparently satisfied and perfect lives but in real life they have not as perfection as common person thinks. These Pakistani female celebrities who are in our consideration here have separated from their husband’s homes.

Reasons are what so ever but divorce is always condemning and suffering thing for every person either a celebrity or a common one. Dr. Shaista Lodhi, Noor Bukhri, Sherry Shah, Arij Fatima, Humaima Malik, Javeria Abbasi and many other female celebrities are included in this list. Let’s briefly talk about these famous Pakistani female celebrities.

Shaista lodhi divorce reason:

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Dr Shaista Lodhi is one most popular and talented celebrities of Pakistan entertainment industry. She is M.B.B.S degree holder and bold host which gained tremendous popularity from her UJP morning show. In 1999 she married Waqar Wahdi. It was love marriage and after 13 years having 3 cute Childs Shaista decided to leave her matrimonial relationship with Waqar. It may be Shaista’s tremendous indulgence in her professional activities or due to her great fame God knows better but she has separated from her husband.

Sherry Shah divorce issue:

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Sherry Shah is inspiring face of Pakistan T.V industry. She tied the knot witrh Dr Malik Anwar Awan but just after one month divorce was declared between them. The main reason of this divorce was fraud and devious nature of Dr Anwar Awan. Sherry separated him after revealing his real face. According o Sherry he is biggest fraud and cunning person who uses influential names for his villainous activities.

Mahira Khan divorce news:

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Mahira Khan is one of leading actress of T.V industry. Due to tremendous repute now she is truing to film industry not only for lollywod but also for bollywood. Mahira is working at highest projects and enormously busy in her professional activities. She was married Ali Askri i9n 2007 and has a cute baby boy. Her tremendous indulgence in he professional activities was creating clashes between her and husband and now news of her divorce is current show of the day.

Noor Bukhri divorce isdsues:

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Noor Bukhri is famous film actress, model and host of Pakistan showbiz industry. After her downfall from film industry she turned to small screen and has good place among the contemporaries. Unfortunately Noor has faced divorce for three times. First she married non Muslim Dubai based Indian business man but due to his not converting to Islam, both were separated soon. Then Noor married Faroq Mangal and divorced after 8 months due to her claim of physical torture. Noor married for third time to Dr Awan Chaudry but unluckily this marriage also didn’t work and she divorced again.

Divorced Pakistani female celebrities:

Some more Pakistani female celebrities are in list who have faced divorce issues. Pictures of these celebrities are shared in below presented gallery. Check this gallery and find out reasons and issues behind the divorce cases of these celebrities.

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