Drama Serial Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 16 review

| August 9, 2014

Haider Masood is no doubt brilliant in his character, his mannerism, his control, his attitude, his personality and his style is really mesmerizing and effecting. The way he changed Aimen all to all is absolutely amazing. He superbly modulates the whole personality of that scary girl and now she is no longer afraid or shy to reveals her feelings and speak her mind. Sajeela,s entry brings a new turn to the drama and her jealousy trigger was just pushed when she saw Haider dropping Aimen to home. Sajeela is nothing more but a cunning and selfish person who spoils many lives just for her own sake.

And now she is also tending to aggravate Almas about Aimen that she goes freely without any restriction what so ever so that she could put the Aimen away from Haider. But Almas is not really stupid so she don’t agree to her sister but all her sweetness to Aimen seems like a cunning plane or like sugar coating I personally think that Almas is nothing but a woman with fake personality and one day she will definitely reveal her true personality. The news of came back of Sajeela disturbed Haider but I am gad to see that he doesn’t allow him self to scattered and he made himself busy in routine work.

He shows that he doesn’t care about any matter related to Sajeela and the presence of Aimen helps him to do so. And Aimen was shocked and petty disturbed to know the fact that Sajeela is ex-wife of Haider. She accepted her feelings about Haider but Haider keep himself in shell as he has already a bad experience from this relation. And now Aimen just wants to express her feelings.

She felt strong in herself and gave Sajeela a piece of her mind about her feelings. And it’s a reason that Sajeela consider Aimen as her competitor and now she will not let any chance to trouble her. And now it’s a big need for Aimen to make good relations and strong her bonding with his father and step mother just because Taufeeq has softness for Sajeela. ….. And now let see what will be the next planning or evil step of Sajeela.

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