Episode 18 Review of ARY TV Drama Dil Lagi

| July 25, 2016

Pakistani drama Dil Lagi episode 18 review

Finally the Qasam has broken and Sabiha got ‘Azadi ka Parwana’ from her mother, that was awesome thing in this episode to relax the mind that Sabiha has to suffer no more but here the another Qasam of her mother to not tell anything regarding the planning to waste her pregnancy to Mohid is definitely a fear of mother who doesn’t want to give the wrong impression especially in front of the child who just worships her mother.

Two things which click my mind and that would lead the story further, the one is that Qasam that probably reveal after sometime to Mohid and the misunderstanding between Mohid and Anmol when Dastagir approaches Anmol to Hospital and tells Mohid. But we find Mohid always patching up the things regarding Anmol, yet her behavior is not reflexive towards any act of Mohid. Anmol has just set her mind about Mohid’s first interaction and she keeps on repeating this to remember the bad thing about Mohid.

But this is really appreciating that she has passion to help the people, searching out Fazal, make the doctor agree to not do what Sabiha’s mother wants was something that turns Sabiha’s life towards happiness of meeting her husband yet the Mohid character to bring his mother’s mind around about Sabiha is a good turn of her life.

Mohid’s character is very demanding and perfect in this drama as he always wants to see Anmol happy yet knowing the all flaws and the bitter fact that she doesn’t love, he goes on submitting her all the doings. Writer has given the true inspiration of husbands who loves their wives for what they are not what they want. His love has moulded the life and now Mohid is more mature enough to see life sanely that is why resolving the all things of his relations.

There are many ways when Anmol listens of the good things about Mohid through other people who are linked with Mohid, she stuns at first but twitch her mind to remind the bad thing which happened in the first meeting of her. but we are sure that she will repent of all in the future when she come to know all the realities about Mohid, well we are waiting to see next.

Anmol always says to her sister Mishal that she should stop talking but Mishal always bring the reality in front of Anmol as in this episode she asks Anmol about kids and also clear that today she is asking but in the coming days everyone will ask about that. Listening out this stuff Anmol blows out the all grudge about Mohid that she doesn’t want to permit Mohid to approach Anmol this extent.

This time again everything, every dialogue and every situation was perfect but we are in love with Mohid in this episode who steals the heart not only of caring about Anmol but also from his traditional auras which no doubt really suits on his personality. I don’t think that any of other actor could do perfectly just like Humayun Saeed. Well the episode was relaxing even due to sorting out the case of Sabiha and surely she will get the happy life ahead but we are expecting the next things that are going to be happening interestingly.

0. Pakistani drama Dil Lagi episode 18 review 2. Pakistani drama Dil Lagi episode 18 review 1. Pakistani drama Dil Lagi episode 18 review

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