Episode #26 Drama Mann Mayal Review

| July 22, 2016

Episode no 26:

We find those entire things which we were expecting from last episode. Salahuddin turn to Mannu with great courage and confess his intention to marry her. Jeena’s abnormality is showed more clearly in this episode and finally after log time we see smile at Mannu’s face in this episode. Salahuddin’s way of teasing Mannu is greatly entertaining. After great sufferings, finally things are moving in favor of Mannu.

Most sudden change in behavior of Salahuddin’s mother is little bit unconvincing but it can be rationally defined just as former grudge or as expression of all that circumstances which are manipulated created by jeena. Jeena always misinterpreted situations and Mannu’s character at telephonic connect but when Mannu says sorry to Salahuddin’s parents with transparent feelings then all grudges of Salahuddin’s mother removed and once again her sensibly nature revealed.

I can’t understand why jeena brought flowers to them and why she come back to face them when there is no even little bit space for her. At jeena’s arrival, Salahuddin intentionally avoids her while jeena get intensely jealous by seeing their perfect family scene. Jeena quick and intense desire to take revenge from Salahuddin expressed her abnormal state of mind. Again she is using Jamil for sake of her personal interests.

Such a great hypocrite girl she is who always try to be in other’s good book by saying “es sub mein mera kaya kasur hai” or “akher meri galti kaya hai”. Scenes between jeena and jamil and her direct offer to marry her to take his favor are superbly showing her great power of controlling a man by favorable fake explanations.

Scenes and dialogues of Salahuddin and Mannu were greatly amusing. Salahuddin’s coloring way of talk to her and her rude but interested response is excellently great source of smiling. Their discussion at finishing of engagement with jeena and about Mannu’s kids was greatly entertaining. Salahuddin’s reference of beauty and beast was also greatly amusing but his way of explaining his love for Mannu by saying that “I just can’t let you go” was blunt expression of his lovely feelings.

Reaction of Salahuddin’s parents at the entire current situation is gracefully rational. His father tries to convince his mother that she keep herself ready for some great happening in Salahuddin and Mannu’s relationship but like every caring and loving mother worry of his mother about his son’s life is truly justified. She uses Mannu (but not in manipulating way) to tell Salahuddin to meet some beautiful young girls and to select one for marry but Salahuddin’s clear expression of his intention to marry Mannu made his mother little bit disappoint.

For next we all have idea that Jeena’s cunning mind will use every trick to create problems in Salahuddin’ and Mannu’s relationship and Mickeal is best option to do great work for her. in all this situation character of jamil is still mysterious. We still have hoe that jamil is just trying to measure jeena’ fraudulent nature and he will not betray his boos but situation can be directly opposite to it. Perhaps he has really entrap in jeena’s shrewd web to injure Salahuddin and Mannu’ story. Let’s see what happen to next.

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