Episode 7 Review of Sadqay Tumhare

| November 22, 2014

Sadqay Tumhare Review of Episode 7

No doubt that Maira Khan is doing her job very well by truly depicting the character of Shanno. Her presence in every scene really makes me to feel pleasure.  Molvi Saab (played well by Qavi Khan) is also doing his job very well. He is showing a person who is very gentle & polite in by nature plus he knows how to deal with people (as Humaira & Shanno’s mother). Let’s have a review of episode 7.

Finally, Shanno is expressing her feelings before her mother & her mother is slapping Shanno again & again. Shanno & Khalil both are now seems inseparable. When Shanno’s friend Humaira come at her home & wants to meet with Shanno then Shanno’s mother replied that Shanno can never meet with her because measles appears on Shanno’s face & body (Rasheeda tell a lie because she slaps her daughter Shanno & signs are present on her cheeks) .

So, Humaira goes back & go at Molvi Saab’s home & told him about the disease of Shanno. Humaira also told that may be Shanno’s mother telling a lie. She said to Molvi Saab to go at Shanno’s home & discover the fact.

Molvi Saab go at Shanno’s home & said to Rasheeda that “me Shanno ko dum krny aya hoon”. At first, Rasheeda tries to say Molvi Saab she is sleeping but when Molvi Saab insists then she go in Shanno’s room & said her to sleep down. Then she brings Molvi Saab into the room. Now Molvi Saab demands a glass of water.

Shanno’s mother said her little daughter to bring a glass of water but Molvi Saab said “Maa Pani laey”. So, Rasheeda go outside from room & now Molvi Saab asked from Shanno “what happened”. She told them everything.

Molvi Saab come back & told Humaira that “you were right”. Molvi Saab further said that “Rasheeda should never hit her daughter & Shanno should never defy or disobey her parents in such away”. I like the vocalness and boldness of two village girls “Shanno & Humaira”.

Khalil was not surprised to hear the Shanno’s parent reply about the proposal. He is still waiting for a reply towards the side of Shanno. He is waiting for letter. Finally Shanno wrote letter to Khalil & confess her all feeling about him in this letter. We saw that Khalil never wants to play as an open batsman & his captain said if you go in middle then spinner will come & you can never play well.

But Khalil is still stuck on his point. So Captain sends another batsman as an opener. After sometime, when Khalil turns come then his captain said him that you must score 100 runs “tughy us ki qasam hy”. Khalil played well & score 100.

After 99 runs, he saw that postman is passing from the road, so he complete his 100 & run away straight towards the postman for asking about the letter. He finally received letter & read it with heart. The letter is written very beautifully. Shanno express her feeling very cutely. I like her way of expressing his proudly & angry nature. She advises her not to proud because Allaha never likes it.

The lines which impressed me a lot are ““jahan mery dil me hazaron weyham rehty hen wahan myra khalil bi rehta hy…….r wo sare weyham un ke gusay se drtay hen”. Now he demands 50 to 60 rupees from Doctor Maqssod because he wants to go at Shanno’s village as soon as possible. He wants to go alone.

On the other hand, Shanno is also waiting for Khalil. Shanno’s mother Rasheeda is scared from Khalil’s arrival. She shows her scares from Fiyaaz. Fiyaaz said to his Chachi Rasheeda “don’t worry & me dekh lon ga usy”.

We saw that Shanno & Khalil are talking about each other very precisely. They know to each other very well. It shows very clearly how much they fall in love with each other. When Shanno saw a crow is sitting on a rope then she said to her friend Humaira that Khalil is coming. Rasheeda cannot bear the sound of crow & by using a cloth she disturbs this crow & he flew away.

Let see what difficulties are waiting for Khalil in Village? Whether Shanno & Khalil once again meet with each other or not? Wait for the next review!

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