Exciting Weding Pictures o Ahmad Shahzad

| October 20, 2015

Ahmad Shahzad wedding detials:

Left-handed opening batsman Ahmad Shahzad has opened the new phase of life. His wedding ceremony was celebrated at 19 September 2015 with full of exciting charm. In Lahore based five star hotel wedding ceremony was celebrated. Most of high profiled personalities are there to wish him happy married life,. Shahid Afridi & Muhammad Hafeez were also there to enhance the charm of wedding ceremony.

Selfie lover Ahmad Shahzad was looking dashing in golden color sherwani. His wife was also looking adorable in full fancy wedding costume and jewelry accessories.  Ahmad tied the knot with his childhood friend Sana. Both bride & groom were looking enormously fetching and elegant. Ahmad Shahzad took some selfie at this event which is rightly expected from this selfie king but he was avoiding photographs.

Wedding news of Ahmad Shahzad was spread at social media just like a fire. His fans were eager to know all details of his wedding ceremony. All Pakistani cricket team joined him at his reception function. Here we are sharing some exciting puicture of this entertaining event,. For Ahmad Shahzad’s fans these pictures are greatly fascinating and exciting. Let’s take a view of these fantastic pictures of Ahmad Shahzad’s wedding.

Ahmad Shahzad suiting beside his beautiful wife at barat day

1  Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (1)

Full fancy bridal dress of Ahmad Shahzad’s fetching wife Sana

2 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (2)

Nikha ceremony of Ahmad Shahzad with all close persons

3 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (3)

Ahmad Shahzad in golden sherwani & Shahid Afridi in black sherwani

4 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (4)

Ahmad Shahzad & Shahid Afridi in full exciting mood

5 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (5)

Wedding couple sitting beside the each other at wedding stage

6 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (6)

Close view of beautiful Ahmad Shahzad’s wife

7 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (7)

Exciting selfie of Ahmad Shahzad & Shahid Afridi

8 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (8)

Ahmad Shahzad holding hand of his beautiful wife

9 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (9)

Rukhsti scene of bride sana Murad with groom Ahmad Shahzad

10 Ahmad Shahzad Wedding Pics (10)

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