Famous Drama Serial Mere Meherban Episode 17 review

| August 20, 2014

The latest 17th episode of this drama serial initiates when Muskan aggravate her khala saas about Haya. But her mother-in-law tolf her sister that no need to believe on Muskan she is also a stubborn and proud girl. She has no sense to handle her home. And here Iraj and Sherry conversated about the lie of Sherry.  And here Zeeshan still misses her ex fiancé Haya but he has no right to do so. I mean he behaves quite selfishly and rudely to her Fiancee

. And so Shaista dissuade Sabrina that now she is a girl who has to stand with Zeeshan and she is going to engaged with his son. And ofcoarse they all are happy with the decision. The story is still in this drama. It doesn’t moves so rapidly. I mean Haya is still sad and her sister Falah is also passing from sad situation. Her mother in law is still rude and angry with her daughter in law. Sherry is trapping Iraj till now I don’t no what to say about them.

And one turning point is when Iraj married with Sherry secretly. And here Zeeshan is engaged with Sabrina. The promo of next episode reveals the misbehaving of Muskan with Haya’s parents and she is terminating form the office……

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