Farhan Saeed complete Nikkah pictures with Urwa Hocane

| December 17, 2016

Urwa  -tul -Wusqa us the one of the most popular celebrity of the Pakistan her acting is outclass these are two sister Urwa  and Mawra  both are very beautiful and charming look  they have played many roles in the different dramas and their acting is liked by many ;people  but now Urwa Hocane is  Nikkah -fied with the  Farhan Saeed a well known singer of Pakistan their Nikkah was organized on the  16 December  2016  at Badshahi Mosque ,Lahore at 9:30  A.M  in the morning .the dresses of the Urwa and the Mawra is designed by the Élan.

Urwa has worked in many serials because she is a good actor and model  she  had worked in the  meri ladli, kitni girhen baqi hain, Miriam  and the super hit  drama udarri is also loved by the people  in the 2014  Urwa   has debut  in the movie Namaloom Afrad if the Urwa  is so talented then the Farhan is not less than that because he is also a singer an actor or a model  so you  have to see the Farhan in the  udarri ,teri chah me , sila ,mery ajnabi and many others and his voice is so sweet and melodious he has sung song in the Urdu ,English and Punjabi  language  his famous and loved songs are halka halka saroor, satthiya, royiaan  and sajna  due to his songs he has rule over on many hearts by the way the  Nikkah fied ceremony of the Urwa is  held in  the Badshahi Masjid then they  have  do their photo shoot in the photo shoot the Mawra Hocane has properly involved because she doesn’t want to feel Urwa alone in her wedding  ceremony  before the Nikkah the mehandi ceremony ,Dholak, sangeet and the bridal shower is also  held in which all the cousins and the friends were invited.

The Urwa Hocane is in the beige and the skin color  heavy embellishing lehenga and the  Mawra is in the same lehenga that is in the turquoise  color lehenga that is looking fabulous on the two glamour girls  the Urwa is looking so traditional  with her kundan embellished  jewelry and the  dress style  so  if you want to see the beautiful pictures of Urwa with her husband Farhan  Saeed  .

We are wishing this couple too much happiness and prayer of living together  for everlasting  and wishes that they spend a lovely and prosperous life because when two person are connected in the relation of Nikkah Allah  automatically  add the element of love between  husband and wife  so this couple was already too much attach to each other now the Nikkah has made their relation strong and  legal .stay blessed.

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