Fawad Khan In Khoobsurat Movie Review

| October 22, 2014

Fawad Khan:

Fawad khan is chocolate hero of Pakistan film and drama industry. He is model, singer and one of highest paid leading actors of Pakistan. His acting skills are tremendously awesome. His charming looks and excellent artistic abilities make him unique and prior choice. After making a huge name in Pakistan, this dashing personality now turned to bollywood. Indian cinema welcomed him and offered him to perform in romantic comedy movie ‘khoobsurat” opposite beautiful fashion diva Sonam Kapoor. Fawad has proved his unsurpassable excellent acting skills with same dexterity in Indian cinema also.

Khoobsurat movie:

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Khoobsurat is 2014 romantic comedy movie which is loosely based upon 1980 film which was released by same name. This movie is directed by  Shashanaka Gosh and produced by Rhea Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Sidddarth Roy Kapoor. Movie is remake of 1980 movie ‘khoobsurat”. Movie is about a passionate love which makes its place among the strict family norms and traditions. This movie succeeded in sustaining exact charm of earlier one and didn’t spoil value of earlier one.

Movie cast of khoobsurat:

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Movie cast of “khoobsurat “is one of main aspect of its interest. First time Fawad is performing for Indian cinema I this film. Fawad is performing the role of shy, unspoken, snobbish and reserve Rujput prince” as Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore, Soman is performing role of charming and care free physiotherapist as Mili, Kiran Kher as Manju (mili’s mother), Ratna Pathak as Nirmila Devi Rathore, Aamir Raza Hussain as Shekhar Singh Rathore and Aditi Rao Hydari as Kiara. All characters are performing roles based upon that characters which was presented in earlier “khoobsurt “movie.

Story of movie:

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Story of the movie is based upon two characters which are totally different from one another. Snoam is very charming, bold and full of life girl while Fawad is presenting character of snobbish and busy handsome boy who is always worry about his future. Sonam comes in Fawad family’s mehal to attend his father and meets all the strict family members. Gradually a chemistry and mutual understanding starts to develop between Sonam and Fawad and Fawad learns what happened when a rude and dry strict prince falls in love. During the development of film, Fawad’s character also develop along with movie and finally he knows exact meaning of life through kiddish ands outspoken girls for whom he loves and begins to ready for doing anything for his love.

Some exciting scenes from movie:

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Here we are sharing some exiting scenes of the movie; these charming scenes are greatly excellent ad expressions of interesting story of movie. Have a charming glance if below shared fascinating gallery with appreciating view point and feel the charm which this exciting, movie has. Enjoy the awesome scenes of movie and watch it after taking a brief review.

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