Finally The Last Episode of Drama Serial Marasim

| August 7, 2014

As its is assumed that Marasim would not be ended with happy and pleasure ending I was feeling gutted to see the last episode of drama serial Marasim. But it,slast episode is long awaited because people wants to know the ending. The last episode was wholly related to Daood. He want to left his family in united condition and die with the this satisfaction as this episode does,not have much material and story because this drama serial is moved to ending slowly in many episodes but no doubt this drama is packed with beautiful and admirable dialogues in last episode.

Daood and Nayab has settled all their conflictions and problems as Nayab is an innocent and kind girl and realized the fact that inspite of all other in justice Daood was always king and nice to him and that he always fulfill his responsibilities but it wad Gaitiara who had to work upon.

And in last when Daood talks to his mother, his few words change the Gaitiara,s personality and outlook he reveals his wishes to her mother that he always wants to see her in a kind and generous way he never want to see her mother blinded by the hatred he told him that it was his deep wish of seeing treating Gaitiara his family as hers, his wife as her daughter and be king with her and his son as the part of Daood.

The ending of this drama serial was sad enough especially for Nayyab as she looses her life partner but atleast one satisfactory thing is that she finds the support of her mother-in-law and they both picked up the pieces to lead a calm life…..I must say that Marasim was a nice and faultless drama serial as it realizes us from the fact that we should admit the decision of our fate and we should be kind in our behavior with others because we cant imagine the situation from which others going through. And all actors were representing their fine and nice acting in this drama serial. The drama was brilliantly scripted.

Ahsan khan

Daood and Nayab

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