Firaaq Episode 13 Review

| December 1, 2014

Review of Hum TV Drama “Firaaq”

The 13th Episode of Firaaq is also full of with new twists. I must say that in this episode Uzma Gillani gave her best. She is really a very awe-some & brilliant actress. The drama starts from a sudden heart attack to Tabassum. She is seriously ill & talks to Paiman & Roomi one-by-one. She said to Paiman that “Forgive me”. She also shows her wish that “now you (Paiman) should marry with Roomi” because according to Tabassum “he is a nice & true person”.

She also expresses the same wish before Roomi. Before death, Tabassum talks with her life Partner “Haider” ensures him that “how much special he was for her”. It was obvious for me that Tabassum will die in this episode but another twist that comes in the story is unexpected for me. Roomi finally decide to tell everything to Paiman about Imroze.

He told to Paiman that “Imroze never deceives you & he leaves you because he was near to die”.  I think it was first time when Roomi spoke by heart. He wants to take a new start of his life on the base of truth. If according to the wish of Tabassum the marriage of Roomi & Paiman takes place then I think it was nothing than an external influence of Maa Jee’s wish.

The story takes a new turn when Paiman decided to visit Pakistan so that she can search Imroze & asks from him why he had done all this to her. Everyone around Paiman such as Haider, Sara & Shams are trying to tell her that now there is no relationship between you & Imroze then why you are doing all this. But Paiman is strictly stuck on her decision.

She demands phone number & address of Imroze from Roomi but Roomi said that “I don’t know”. During the discussion between Roomi & Paiman, we will come to know that almost seven months passed away from the time when Imroze left Paiman. Roomi told to Paiman that “I last time talked with Imroze five months later when he calls me only to say Good Bye”.

Paiman go at the home where he lived with Imroze after marriage. She is searching any kind of hint, which leads her towards Imroze, into drawers & cupboards.  Suddenly a fellow of Imroze comes there & reveals that he belongs from Karachi. He also tells her about an address.

Now finally, Paiman is going to Karachi, Pakistan. Haider treats her like a daughter when she is going to Pakistan. He also gives her an address & phone number of his relatives so that she can stay in Pakistan without any kind of difficulty.

All this shows his gentle & sweet nature. She stayed at the home of Haider’s relatives. Without any kind of hesitation, Paiman told them that she is here only for searching a person. She showed an address & said to them “Can you please take me on this address?”

Sara is pregnant & Shams is very happy. Although the death of Tabassum is a great shock for the family members but I think everyone is tackling well with this situation. Life is not static & after the death of a person a family cannot become motionless, it must move ahead for survival. I cannot understand the intentions of Sara about the marriage of Roomi & Paiman.

She is always trying to ensure herself as well as others that Roomi & Paiman should marry each other. What are the intentions behind? May be I am wrong Sara is just showing her care & love for Paiman.

Every scene is done well. No over drama in this episode, it is directed very well. Now the story is moving on a new path. So, I think now there are lots of reasons to look forwards this drama. Let see where the story will take its characters. Let’s waits what happened in the next one. Whether Paiman will be successful in his search or not? There are lots of question into my mind which need to be answered. Let see what will happen?

Firaaq episode 13

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