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| December 30, 2014

Last Episode of Firaaq,

Finally, the last episode of hum TV drama “Firaaq” aired at 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm. Frankly speaking, once again I was expecting that we have to watch this drama from 8 pm to 10 pm but thank God this last episode was only for one hour. Overall, this drama lost its track when Paiman got married with Imroze. I think the story becomes very boring when Paiman came in Pakistan before Imroze. I must say that it was a meaningless & pointless drama when the story was started to move only around Paiman, Hareem & Imroze.

Finally, Paiman forgive to Imroze for all of his mistakes that he made on doubting on her. I don’t know why Paiman forgive a person who doubt on her & left her alone when she needs a person in her life. In the previous episodes we never see such a great chemistry of Paiman with her husband Imroze that makes her to fall in love with him then why she comes back before him in Pakistan?  No doubt that writer & director fails in order to convey a write story to the viewers or chemistry of husband & wife who love each other but due to some doubts they separate & then resolve their problems. Paiman lived a dull life with Imroze. Paiman is expressing her feeling for Imroze again & again by saying that “Aap ne mujhe chalna, phirna, bolna, urna sikhaya”.

I don’t know when all this happen in this drama. When Imroze edify her all this? I found Paiman mostly to pack her suitcase when she left her mother’s home, she packs her suitcase when she left her brother’s home, when she left her husband’s home, she pack her suitcase for going to Pakistan, then once again she packs her suitcase when she decided to back to her home but change her decision & come back at Imroze’s home with her suitcase. I think she spend more time with her suitcase instead of her husband Imroze.

Hareem wants divorce from Imroze but Imroze & Paiman insists her to live with them. I don’t know why Paiman is ready to share her husband with Hareem? But Hareem is not ready on this; she only wants divorce so that she can live a happy life with her kid. So Imroze left Hareem. Now, Paiman & Imroze will live with each other. Both are going back.

I think the title of drama is only for “Haider & Tabassum” . “Firaaq” is more interesting when we see Haider & Tabassum other than Paiman & Imroze. I must say that I like the story of Haider & Tabassum, their acting & their chemistry.

Another point that can justify the end of this drama or that can give the answer of “why Paiman forgive her husband Imroze?” is, may be Paiman never wants to repeat the mistake that her mother made by doubting on her husband Haider during the whole life & after wasting lots of years Tabassum knew that Haider truly loves her then she forgive him. Haider & Tabassum are the true hero & heroin of this drama instead of Paiman & Imroze. Sanam Saeed as Paiman did her best but her chemistry with Mohib Mirza was not well as will be. What about “Roomi”.

Once again he is used by everyone & then left alone. Overall, it was a meaningless drama. Last few episodes including this last one, it seems as the writer forgot how to write a drama. So, this was the end of this drama. Hopefully, you are also disappointed from it & the end of this drama will surely let down you. Do you? Share your thoughts about this review & about all episodes reviews.

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