Firaaq Review of Episode 10

| November 11, 2014

Story of Firaaq Episode 10

At last the story moves on. In this episode we saw that the relationships are going to unfold in a very convincing manner.  In this episode, I also feel that each thing is happening very faster. Again I must say that scenes are short but full of twists. Let’s have a review!

First of let me talk about Maa Jee (Tabaasum) & Shams. The reunion between Mother & son is finally done in a very better way. Shams forgive his mother & Maa Jee forgive his son. The scenes between mother, son & step father was really very touchy. Uzma Gilani is doing her job very well as Maa Jee (mother of Shams) & as Tabaasum (wife of Haider). Mazhar Ali is also a very talented actor.

The way, the good relationship between Tabaasum & Haider is established, is really very impressive. Maa Jee is also trying to resolve the issues between Shams & Sara. Let see what happened? Whether the relationship between Sara & Shams will be set on as the relationship of Tabaasum & Haider? Whether Shams will change his point of view about having a child?

The characters such as Imroze, Paiman & Roomi sometimes looks like a love triangle but let see whether this is a love triangle or not? Because in previous episode we saw that Imroze doubts on his wife Paiman due to Roomi’s increasing interactions with her. Roomi & Paiman both enjoys each other’s company like good friends but Imroze taking a negative meaning from it. Roomi wants to bring a lovely & full of life change in Paiman’s bore personality.

Paiman sees Roomi only as a friend. Paiman is on a journey of becoming a good sister, good wife, good daughter & good friend. Let see whether she will be successful or not? On the other hand, we can see very clearly that Imroze (a well-educated person) is becoming a suspicious & doubting person from a liberal person.

Imroze & Paiman acting like husband & wife from all pervious episodes to current episode, but now we want a pleasant change into their relationship. Let see when will it come? Finally in this episode Paiman finds out the marks on the body of Imroze & asks him about these marks.

Furthermore, in this episode, we saw that Roomi finally shows some emotions like a human being. Roomi finally, realized the fact that people are using him as Imroze bitterly talk with him that now he (Roomi) should be out from his & his wife’s life so that they can carry on their married life (but I think Imroze has forget that Roomi is one who helps him in marrying with Paiman). He feels that he is like a man who only resolves the marital life of Shams Sara & Paiman Imroze.

We feel that Imroze never like the change into the personality of Paiman. As in a scene on beach Imroze expressed his insecurities about Paiman’s fully changed personality by saying that “Everyone is looking towards you”. It shows the Imroze is a very traditional & conventional man. He revealed in his discussion with Roomi that that he never wants to marry with a modern girl.

So, I short words we have lot to see in this episode, the reunion of Maa jee with Shams & Haider, Roomi Realization about himself, Paiman’s finding about the marks on Imroze’s body, a change in Paiman’s Outlook, Imroze’s behavior towards this change etc. overall, it was a well directed & well written episode. The story is like a journey which is full of various ups & down. Each character is traveling on this journey of life. Waiting for the next!

Firaaq episode 10

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