Firaaq Review of Episode 12

| November 24, 2014

Firaaq Story of Episode 12

Finally, in this episode Imroze left Paiman.  This episode goes beyond my expectations because in this episode most of the things happen very fast instead of at snail pace. Let’s have a brief review of the 12th episode of Firaaq.

As I told you that in the previous episode, Imroze was talking with Roomi that “He has decided to leave Paiman” so in this episode Imroze acts upon his decision & leaves the Paiman. Now she is alone. Roomi is with Paiman as a good friend. Paiman is very disappointed from this separation. Her talks show her state of mind very clearly. It’s natural.

When a life-companion left the other alone then he/she will surely feel depressed & disheartened. Paiman’s (Sanam Saeed) acting was too good in this episode. I feel that she is coming back into her character. She is expressing her inner feeling.

I saw that Paiman’s family is coming to meet with her. At first her step-father Haider enters & Paiman told him about the separation. He is socked from this news. Paiman is blaming herself for this partition instead of Imroze. She is feeling guilty for all of her decisions that she makes in the past.

He told to Paiman that your mother Tabassum is sitting in the car & brother Shams with his wife Sara are also coming there at your home.  They are coming to meet you.  After some time Tabassum enter in Paiman’s home. She says sorry to her daughter & the scene of reunion of Tabassum & Paiman is really very touchy. Now Paiman tells her mother about the separation.

Her mother & father (Tabassum & Haider) takes her (Paiman) to their home. I must say that this is an interesting episode which glued me before TV Screen. Now everyone is trying to make her happy. Paiman’s family is really a very supportive family. At one side Sara & Shams are trying to talk with Roomi that he should talk with Paiman because he is a good friend of her. She can share her feeling with him.

I did not hear any words from the mouth of Imroze that shows he divorced Paiman. But from the talks of Paiman’s family, it can be easily guessed that Imroze left her & now Paiman’s family want to marry her with Roomi. Now Roomi takes Paiman for an exhibition.

This exhibition was held by the Roomi but it was a flop one. Tabassum talks with her daughter & express her wish that “you should marry with Roomi. H is a nice guy or me ny us ki ankon me sachaie dekhi hy”. Like Imroze, Roomi also have no family.

I think expect Shams & Paiman, no other character have a family such as Imroze, Roomi & Sara. The dialogues of this episode were written nicely & delivered well. I think now drama is moving towards end. Is it or not?  Now Imroze is totally out from their lives or not? Let see what happened in the next episode.

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