Firaaq Review of Episode 14

| December 9, 2014

14 Episode of Firaaq

This drama is again becoming very interesting with new revelations which come like bolt from the blue. In this episode, finally, Paiman succeed in order to find Imroze.  Of course it is a big surprise for the viewers that Imroze is still alive. The second big shock is that Imroze has a second wife in Pakistan but Paiman is unaware from this fact.

The role of Imroze’s second wife is played by Hira as Hareem. Hareem is a divorced lady with one child from her first husband Ahmed (played by the Adnan Jaffar).

Paiman is very well cared by the Pakistani relatives. She finds Imroze but when fails then she had decided to go back but at the same time she finds out Imroze. Now, she will stay more in Pakistan. I was good to see that a girl Paiman who has spent lot of part of her life with a dominant mother now appears as a determined & confident girl with lots of courage.

She once again believes on Imroze while the Pakistani relatives of Paiman are guessing that “Imroze is telling a lie with Paiman”. I think the director & writer both have best cards for making this story interesting. Now, in this 2nd half of this drama, viewers are excited to know about the life of Imroze more & more.

After meeting with Paiman when Imroze came back at home then his step-child try to being playful with him but Imroze becomes angry on this act of child. Hareem appears as a caring, submissive & obedient wife because she immediately said to her son “say sorry to Imroze”. She knows that Imroze is upset & when she said to him “share with me” but Imroze never share anything with her. I think Imroze is upset from the sudden entrance of Paiman into Pakistan. Let see what happened with Paiman, Imroze & Hareem?

Ahmed, the first husband of Hareem, appears as a gentle man who is just trying to fulfill his duties as a father but Imroze is trying to show that Ahmed is trying to interfere in his Hareem’s life by taking a support from this kid. Now, Imroze said to Ahmed whether you will be out from our life or take your child away from our life so that you can never interfere in our life again. This is very much surprising for Hareem because she loves her kid very much. She can never live without this kid. Imroze want a sacrifice from this mother.

On the other hand, Paiman listen all the talks of her relative which reveals that “may be Imroze is telling a lie with her because according to these relatives Imroze looks quite healthy & fine while a man who is near to die never looks very healthy like him”.

If we compare the married life of Paiman & Imroze with married life of Imroze & Hareem then it seems that Imroze is more rigid with Hareem. I think this episode is more interesting for the views than previous ones & of course they are interested to find out more about Imroze. So, keep on visiting the

Firaaq episode 14

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