Firaaq Review of Episode 9

| November 6, 2014

Story of Hum TV Drama Firaaq Episode 9

Firaaq episode 9
In this episode, no special things occurred. Let begin from Tabbassum & Haider. The relationship between the couple is going to become string & strong with the passage of time.  Again we see that Tabbassum has known the value of Haider. She has known that Haider is the only person who stood with her in all difficulties as well as in happiness. Finally, Tabbassum apologies from her husband Haider. These senior actor & actress are doing their jobs very well. Well done to both of you!

Roomi the (the painter) friend of Sara, Imroze & Shams, is now also becoming a friend of Paiman. He has been always with Sara & Shams plus Imroze.  Now he is also doing best for Paiman.

Imroze has diagnosed that he has AIDs. We have seen lot of negativity of Imroze’s character in this episode. He still doubts on his wife Paiman, who is really a very simple & innocent girl. He never trusts on her. Even after getting married there is a very strange relationship between Imroze & Paiman. We feel a distance between both. Overhearing from shams that “Paiman loves Roomi” his doubt on his wife is increasing more & more. Furthermore, I am becoming very much curious about the past of Imroze. In this episode we saw that strange calls are coming to Imroze but he is trying to avoid these calls. Let see who’s?

Paiman is still acting like a simple girl. Even after marrying with Imroze she is not a complaining girl. Still she is also unaware from the Disease of Imroze.

Now, Shams wants his wife to back home. Shams has also accepted his mother. Even after bitter talks with Shams, Maa Jee finally forgive him & accepted him. Now Shams is trying to come closure to his mother.

Overall in this episode we saw how some relations are becoming closure as Tabbassum & Haider & how some relations are going far away as Imroze & Paiman. Wait for the next episode for further info!
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