Five Actresses Regretful For Their Decision Of Plastic Surgery

| February 18, 2017

Knowing the results of some plastic surgery technique you will feel contented and happy with whatever God has given you. In order to look more beautiful and attractive many actors and actresses undergo plastic surgery.

This trend is common among actresses who want to have everything perfect in their overall look. Many bollywood actresses have gone under the knife to bring betterment in their look but that result in disaster and they have to face worse results.

They can be called as victim of plastic surgery technique but it did not work for them. Five famous victims of bollywood actresses are listed here:

Gauher khan after the surgery:

1.; Gauhar-Khan

Gauher khan has her name in bollywood for sporting role and she got a lot of fame winning reality show big boss. This gorgeous has also undergone with plastic surgery to make her nose look trimmed but now it looks like a narrow bridge and give her disastrous result ruining her overall look.

She was working in a show that she has dropped out to stay away from camera for some time because of the strange look that has made her dissatisfied. She has accepted that her decision for plastic surgery has proved wrong.

Anushka Sherma before and after surgery:

2. anushka-sharma-plastic-surgeries

Anushka Sherma got success from her movie with Bollywood king khan Shahrukh Khan Rab ne bna di jori. She was included in top list actresses of bollywood but she also desired to be included among the list of actresses who have done plastic surgery with her face.

Many people have criticized her for this act. For the role of file pk she decided to change her look but it did not work for her. Instead she was better before the surgery and now she remains in news for her funny looking lips like duck or for her affairs with Virat Kohli.

Kangna Ranaut after surgery of lips and breast:

3. plastic

For looking more appealing and sexy this cute innocent looking girl went through breast implant surgery like Ayehsa Takiya. Both the lips and plastic surgery has deprived her from her actual charm and natural look for which she was known.

With her unconventional look and acting skills she had made her name in Bollywood but with the passage of time like every other actress she desired to bring change and versatility in look but it did not seem to be worked.

Koena mitra:

4. koena-mitra

Koena Mitra is the first and the worst victim of this plastic surgery technique. This one decision of going through plastic surgery has ruined her life and career that was just about to begin. But before beginning she has brought to an end with her worse decision. Looking at Koena mitra it is surprising why the other actresses have not learned a lesson. Still actresses are doing this and also showing the bad consequences.

Rakhi sawant after undergoing surgery:

5. 0

Rakhi Sawant is known with the name plastic. And with the word plastic the first thing come to mind will be Rakhi Sawant for the people who have seen her. She had done with the technique for changing her face totally. In Coffee with Karan Rakhi said doctor can give you what God has not given. So what doctor has given Rakhi is visible with her present look. Rakhi is a drama queen and is also known for being experimented with her body. But her decision for bringing change with cosmetic surgery did not prove right for her.

5. rakhi

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