Fiza Ali and Her Daughter Arrives at Good Morning Pakistan

| October 18, 2016


We can’t still forget the ‘Chulbuli’ younger daughter in Mehndi Drama that was the beat of hearts of everyone in past and still that work is amazing in this age too. It is none other than Fiza Ali who casted a spell on viewers due to her talent in acting. The actress married in 2007 and blessed with baby girl named Farral in 2014. Well, Fiza Ali disappeared from acting projects but her morning show aired on A-plus ‘Subh Ki Fiza’ had been a bash of entertainment for all viewers. now, she is back to work in dramas but recently Fiza Ali and her daughter Farral were invited by Nida Yasir in Good Morning Pakistan without which any lady doesn’t start her day.

Well, on 7 October the topic of morning show was Haleem Cooking Competition, because in sacred month of Muharram every household lady makes Haleem you can say it a tradition in Pakistan. Many of useful tips were given to viewers about making tasteful and healthy Haleem and for this purpose; Nida arranged different stalls where ladies were cooking with their own special methods. Fiza was there and she also shared some ideas and talk about on lots of aspects.

Fiza Ali and her daughter seemed beautiful in wearing lush red dresses, her daughter was looking like fairy in tutu like red frock and black kids pumps shoes whereas Fiza Ali gave the printed top and red tights a go paired with black high heel sandals in which her long height is getting more prominent. Red pout and beautifully dyed short haircut is making her look just fresh as she was in the start of her career.

For her daughter Farral, there were arranged different toys to play and she has enjoyed with these toys but at the end, Farral was looking tired that is why she kept on weeping and sits on her mother lap.
We have picked some clicks of these two beautiful ladies from that Good Morning Pakistan show which was aired on 7 October and all this photography credit goes to Ahmed Jibrani Photography. Have a look at the pictures given below.

fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-1 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-2 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-3 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-4 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-5 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-6 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-7 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-9 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-10 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-11 fiza-ali-with-her-daughter-in-good-morning-pakistan-12

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