Goya ARY Digital Drama-Episode 18

| March 16, 2015

Goya-Episode 18

Goya drama episode 18th review is here. The drama is moving ahead slowly slowly. Yes, when I watch its 1st to 4th episodes then it seems as things are happening on a faster rate but what happened now? The drama has losing its pace. The detach between Mohini & Umer is increasing more & more.

In 18th episode we find out that Rahat Hashmi I trying his best in order to control Umer with the help of Zara. Yes it is now senior Hashmi who is trying to convince Zara that “Umer is now your husband & Life partner so you must have a full control on him”.  This marriage of Umer & Zara will surely be going to become a typical marriage in which second wife phenomenon usually stared because when Zara said to Umer “ab shaddi to ho gae tu nibhani tu pary gi” show her intentions.

On the other hand, even after knowing the fact that Umer has to marry with Zara, Mohini is still in a trance. She shared her confusing feeling with her mother Asma by saying that “I want to meet Umer but I never want to see his face, I want to ask from him but I never want to talk with him & blah blah”. All this shows that she is still confused about what she feels about Umer. At start she was quite sure that Umer will find her but now after listening his marriage news she is quite depressed & shocked.

What about Zeb-un-Nisa? She is still trying to make her character ambiguous. In this episode nothing comes out from the side of Zeb & mostly scenes in this episode that all are about Zeb’s character are no more than waste of time.

What about Haniya? Haniya is still living into the house of Senior Hashmi. She cannot leave of Senior Hashmi without his permission. She is on food-strike because she is not eating anything from the previous three days. When Senior Hashmi orders her for abortion (because Senior Hashmi never want any kid) then she refuse from abortion. Let see what happened into the next episode?

In Murree Zuberi Sahab is trying to create a friendly relationship with Asma Mirza by suggesting her that “you should think about yourself after settle down your daughter”. He further said to Asma Mirza that “you can go on the leave of some days because Junior Hashmi Umer is in Murree now days”.

After joining his father’s business, Umer goes Murree for watching a place because he wants to construct hotel into Murree.  During his visit he saw a glimpse of Mohini. On searching he finds out from the people that Mohini comes there with some NGO for a visit but Ume fails in order to get the absolute name, address & place from where the NGO’s members come for visit. Umer call to his best friend Ali & Ali suggest him to talk with Zuberi Sahab for getting information. Let see what reaction will come from the side of Zuberi Sahab when Umer talks with him?

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