Goya Review of Episode 17

| March 10, 2015

ARY Drama Goya Episode 17

As in the previous review I told you that Umer decided to marry with Zara so that he can escape from the authoritative world of his father & similarly Zara want an escape from the world of her careless parents. Furthermore I told you that Haniya makes a plan to run away from the fortress of Senior Hashmi & Umer promised to help Haniya.

In this episode, Umer finally got married with Zara. We also saw that Noomi once again enters into the drama. He receives the invitation card of Ume’s marriage with Zara. So, he immediately go to Murree & meets with Mohini. He told to Mohini about the marriage of Umer & urges her to stop this marriage by meeting with him. Mohini’s mother also try to talk with Mohini & try to convince her that she should meet with Umer but Mohini is living in her own imaginative world & she is thinking that Umer will surely finds out her & will never ever come into the talks of senior Hashmi.

Finally, Umer has married with Zara & Senior Hashmi got that he actually wants. Haniya fails in her plan that she makes to escape from senior Hashmi world. Umer also fails in order to help Haniya. This episode is all about Senior Hashmi & his achievements.

I cannot understand the role of Zeb. When her character introduced in this drama then I feel that it’s full of mystery & will surely bring a sudden turn into the story after revealing facts about senior Hashmi. But what she is doing now?

I never like the communication gap between Mohini & Umer. Furthermore, this gap is extending day-by-day. Let see what will happen into the next episode. Whether Senior always gets what he wants or not? The preview of the next episode tells us very clearly that Zara is expecting more & more from Umer after marrying him. Let’s wait & then watch!

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