Goya Review of Episode 5, ART Digital Drama, Cast Sana Javed, Usman Peerzada, Osman Khalid Butt

| December 16, 2014

Review of Goya Episode 5, Bold & Daring Steps Taken by Umer

Finally, in this episode, Junior Hashmi I mean Umer reveals before her father (I mean Senior Hashmi) that “I never want to marry with Zara”. This is really a great shock for Senior Hashmi but like an emotionless person he never reveals any motions. Finally Senior Hashmi shows his wish to meet with Mohini.

Umer is happy that, his father wants to meet with Mohini. Umers tell this news to Mohini. She is confused & also surprised when come to know that Umer’s father wants to meet with her. Umer is hopeful that may be his father is agree.

Mohini told this to her mother Asma. No doubt the Asma is a pillar of support for Mohini & Mrs. Imtiyaz is a pillar of support for Umer. Mohini leaves each & everything on her mother & she is ready to accept that her mother likes for her. But like an affectionate mother Asma give space to her daughter by allowing her to meet with Senior Hashmi.

Mohini is very much confused when going to meet with Senior Hashmi. Umer is trying to encourage & cheer –up to her. Both reach at home to meet with Senior Hashmi. Senior Hashmi said to Umer “Go out from the room because I want to talk with Mohini only”. She feels nervous when Umer goes out from the room.

Now Senior Hashmi talks very bitterly from Mohini. He asks from her “whether you ever think to walk on water or to go on moon? Then how you can think to marry with Hashmi’s son? It’s really a sudden surprise for Mohini.

When Umer comes to know all this from Mohini then he feels very annoyed. He finally takes a decision to talk with his father. His father once again talks bitterly with his son. Senior Hashmi tries to tell him that “you are nothing without me”.

Senior Hashmi further told him that “ager me tum se apna naam cheen lon tu tumhari worth zero hogi”. All this give rise to the annoyance in Umer against his father. He takes a decision to leave his father, property & home. Umer expresses his anger by breaking many things that are usually found in his bedroom.

Finally! He talk with his best friend Ali & Ali try to tell him that “you are just passing from a rebellious phase so you should think deeply before taking such a big decision” but Umer asks him “whether you help me or not” so Ali said him “you can stay at my Naani’s flat because the flat is empty & his naani is living in America”.

In the early morning, he talk with his father that he is leaving this home. Umer said to Senior Hashmi that “ap ki ye adaat hy k hr cheez paisy sy khareedi ja skti hy – biwi, bahu” but “you can never buy me so find another place for investment”. Umer further said that “aap ka ye guroor bi me aik din toron ga. Please koi choti hrkat nahin kijiye ga”.

Umer said to Senior Hashmi that I will take Mrs. Imtiyaz with me when I will be able for it but now she is your responsibility. He leaves the home by saying “Enjoy Your Breakfast Sir!”. In this episode finally Umer speaks before his father. He takes a bold step. Let’s see whether he will get success in this fight of love or not?

Umer likes Mohini because of her straightforwardness, the life full of energy that she lives & her passion of facing new challenges of life. All this characteristic of Mohini’s personality leads Umer to fall in love with her. The story is moving ahead very rapidly. Sana Javed, Usman Peerzada, Osman Khalid Butt & all other are doing their jobs very well. Let see what will be happen in the next one?

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