Goya Review of Episode 9 & 10

| January 22, 2015

9 & 10 Episode of Ary Drama “Goya”

The story of Goya is also moving forward with good pace. Rahat Hashmi (father of Umer) has a keen eye on his son Umer’s activities. For this purpose Senior Hashmi has hired a person who always follows Umer & keeps an acute eye on Umer’s activities. Umer got a car from the CEO of the company in which he is currently working. Umer feels surprised why his boss gives him car when he asks about this phenomenon then one employee told him that “there is a change into the company’s policy”. Umer is happy with this car.

But when Umer’s come to know that Umer is going to settle in his life as he got a good job & now a car then he calls to Umer & said that “agr me tumhy Mrs. Imtiyaz k hawaly krny ki bajae hotel bejhtta tu hemesha dosron pr dpend krny wali, fakeron jesi fitraat tu nahi develop hoti Tumhari”. His father told him that “it is only Adnan who give this car to you otherwise you never deserve it”.

This call makes Umer very aggressive & he immediately wants to return this car to Adnan plus he want to resign from the job that he got with the help of Adnan. But Mohini stops him by saying that “I am pregnant so you should think twice before leaving your job because now your responsibilities are going to increase soon.

Umer leaves Senior Hashmi only because he wants that he will be loved by others. Both Asma & Mohini are those ladies who are very caring & loving towards Umer. In actual, after the death of Mrs. Imtiyaz, only Asma & Mohini are pillars of metal & emotional support for Umer. Umer is living a happy life with both ladies but they are facing financial crises but if Senior Hashmi will never create any kind of problems for them they will be established & settled into their lives soon.

Haniya (second wife of Senior Hashmi) is in search of new governance for household chores. After the death of Mrs. Imtiyaz the network of the household chores is totally disturbed & they need governance as soon as it is possible. For this purpose they give advertisement into the newspapers. Almost four to five ladies come for interview & Haniya never like anyone because no one is perfect for the job, in the last a lady whose name is “Zaib-un-Nisa” enters into the home for the Interview & Haniya finds her suitable for the job plus Zaib-un-Nisa told Haniya that she needs this job in any case. Zaib-un-Nisa is basically a bangali lady.

When Senior Hashmi saw Zaib-un-Nisa then his body language as well as facial expression changed immediately which means that he knows this lady or he must have any kind of connection with her face. Senior Hashmi said Haniya that “I never like this lady so don’t hire her as governance” but Haniya said that “she needs job & I am hiring her because we also need governance”.

So, Zaib-un-Nisa is working into the house of Senior Hashmi & he never likes her existence. Her existence makes him to feel uncomfortable. He said before his wife Haniya that “I never like her face so you should hire new Governance for household chores as soon as possible”. Some flashbacks tha comes into the mind of Senior Hashmi are enough for us to understand the fact that Senior Hashmi has a deep relation with Zaib-un-Nisa.

Umer said to Adnan that “I will leave job as soon as I will find a new job”. Adnan gets the point that “it is only Senior Hashmi who is interfering into the life of Umer”. So, Adnan calls to inspection team so that this team can raid on various hotels of Senior Hashmi. FBI team reached into the office of Senior Hashmi & on the other hand raids on various hotels makes him disturbed & anxious. At the same time Adnan calls to Senior Hashmi & tell him that “it is me who did all this with you’. Senior Hashmi said that “you should never tell me your name because it is not good for you”.

In the next scene we find out that suddenly Adnan died. People are talking that Adnan is died may be due to the over dose of drugs while some are saying that it is murder. When Umer Arrives at Adnan homes then it is really very shocking news for him. Umer immediately comes to know that it is only Senior Hashmi who is responsible for Adnan’s death.

Both Asma & Mohini are also surprised on this news. Umer said to Mohini that “Mujhy bilkul akela kr rahy hen vo ab mujh sy meri family bhi cheen li jaye gi”. Umer is worried about Asma, Mohini & his upcoming unborn kid. He takes a decision to go America because he has the citizenship of America but Mohini said that “Umer it is not as easy as you are thinking”.

Mohini got a new project according to which she has to prepare a documentary on the life & business of Senior Hashmi. But she feels hesitation about it because now Senior Hashmi is her Father-in-law. Then how she can prepare a documentary that may be go against him. When she share her all concerns about the Senior Hashmi & her new project that is related to Senior Hashmi with Noomi then he said to Mohini “it is your job so you have to do it”.

When Umer was walking into a street then he feels as someone is following him. His continuous thinking that someone is following him leads him to meet with a car accident. He is in hospital & when Mohini got this news then she also become very much worried.

Mohini & Asma reach into the hospital. On the other hand Senior Hashmi is ready to take advantage from this situation. Senior Hashmi calls to the doctor who is going to see Umer. On the order of Senior Hashmi, the doctor presents this minor accident which only needs a few stitches as complex & serious accident.

This doctor suggests very complicated surgery which requires almost two months period. Mohini is very much worried & considering herself responsible for Umer’s such miserable condition. Rahat Hashmi wants to see his son come back as soon as it is possible & he is also making plans for it. Really very interesting episodes!

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