Hamza Ali Abbasi Statement for Pakistani Actors to Boycott Bollywood

| October 3, 2016


The one and only Pakistani actor who always raise his voice in any issue regarding Pakistan is Hamza Ali Abbasi. We know about his controversial statements on which sometime he has to be indulged in severe condition. Once again using the power of social media as he is the most active showbiz person, has posted about the present step that Pakistani actors must take who are working in bollywood.

As we know the tension occurred in two states of Pakistan and India after Uri attack, the atmosphere on high level is very strict and now the surgical strike issue has made the war danger clearer. Indian national party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena rigidly ordered all Pakistani actors to leave India within 48 hours. About all this, Hamza has suggested to Pakistani actors in this way:

“Indian Govt is threatening to cut off Pakistan’s water supply and now 2 Pakistani soldiers have been martyred on LOC while Indian Army continues to shed blood in Kashmir. The time has come when Pakistani artists MUST BOYCOTT BOLLYWOOD and Pakistani people must stop watching Indian content. #FreeKashmir #PakistanZindabad”

On asking even to common people in Pakistan the boycotting of bollywood films is right step according to Hamza Ali Abbasi. However, on this blunt saying PML-N has sent a legal notice to Hamza for spreading “fear and rumors”.

The direct speech has become an inspiration for a big number of his fan and we see that Pakistani cinema owners have finally decided to not give a run to Indian films in Pakistan that would be surely a big loss of India. India earns a big amount of films showed in Pakistan so the case has become more serious in this regard.

“Pakistani cinemas have boycotted Indian films in the wake of recent events. Now it’s our responsibility to support our cinema and make sure our cinemas thrive. #SupportPakistaniCinema.”
Further he adds the support about hash tag of FreeKashmir, the brave statements of Hamza Ali Abbasi has proved his serious concern about country’s issues but sometimes he gets under much criticism. On 30th September, he added more about the stay of celebrities in India:

“Every mainstream celebrity in India is taking public stances in support of their Military. I think it’s about time our celebrity community should get out of the boat of neutrality and publicly and vocally support the Armed Forces of Pakistan. We don’t want War, but when the enemy publicly boasts about killing your soldiers, then neutrality is betrayal. #PakistanFirst #FreeKashmir”

Fawad Khan and Mahira khan are the two victims of present situation in India, as their upcoming films Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees are not going to be launched on the action of MNS party and some producers in India. We expect a sane step on the part of our government in this regard and heartily believe on the strength and courage of Pak Army giving their best about the cold war between two countries.
Peace Lovers!

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