Hit Drama Serial Mere Mehreban Episode 16 Review

| August 15, 2014

The latest episode of this drama initiates when Falah called her husband and grumble her about his and his mother’s behavior. He realized him that he should be responsible about his wife. And here on track of Haya, Iraj stole the whole precious jewellery of herself and Sabrina and gave them to her boyfriend Sherry but the worst thing is when she blamed on Haya about the misplacement of jewellery not only Iraj infact her whole family blamed her.

But it was an astonishing scene when Zeeshan who declares the utmost love with Haya also doesn’t believe her and not stand by her at the time when she needs him the most. And asked Haya to tell me about the place of jewellery that was the sadest scene in this drama and that innocent girl was scattered within one second (ap meri talashi lay len….phir mujhay ghar jana hai).

Haya’s parents were really despair to know about the behavior of Haya’s in laws and now Nayyara is not ready to tolerate anything. She went to Shaista’s house in full anger and rejects his son Zeeshan for her daughter Haya. As it is the best news Zeeshan’s family. And in my views this is the right decision for Haya, Nayyara should take this step at very earlier stage but still it’s not too late.

Zeeshan and his family doesn’t deserve a girls like Haya they deserve Sabrina. Anyways come back to the story Haya is really hurted with their rude behavior and she took it on heart and so become ailed. She told her sister that they accused her without any proof and that she is not going to forgive anyone of them.

Nayyara and her husband was so sad to see her beloved daughter in this condition. And so Haya’s father called his brother and told him the whole story. Zeeshan’s father was embaraced enough on his family’s attitude. I guess they all have to pay for their sins. But till know the daughters of Nayyara are suffering every bas situation but one day they situation will be turn around. Butanyways the story in this episode is doesnot have any moving point inspite of breakage of Haya,s engagement with Zeeshan….. The promo of next episode reveals the engagement of Iraj and his brother Zeeshan with Sabrina……

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